Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in review

I sit here at my desk and think about what a year 2009 was and where it went so quickly. 2009 started off with a bang and a swift kick in the butt. I threw myself right into training for an ironman. For 6 months, I left behind a husband and 2 adorable dogs to do what...train for an ironman that I didn't finish. That's right, I DIDN'T FINISH. I feel that even though I didn't finish I walked away discovering so much more about myself. I've learned to control most of my anxiety with the help of a great doctor or two. I've learned that no matter who much I worked for something and wanted it so badly, that in reality not finishing was the best thing that probably happened to me.

I can't thank my loving husband enough for being there for me when I was never home but to eat and sleep and probably complain about something.

In April, we headed down to Galveston so I could participate in the Galveston half ironman. I was mentally and physically ready for this day until I cut my feet on some oyster beds. I dropped out at mile 7 on the run. I was pissed. But oh well, it happens.

In June, not only did we travel to Idaho for me to participate in my first Ironman, but e had an awesome vacation in CDA and Montana. We spent time with some of our dearest friends ever.

July came and I was just so happy to finally get back to being normal and hanging out with my friends I ditched for 6 months. If your friends don't train with you, well kiss them goodbye during ironman training.

August...on word...HOT!

September came and I started to just ease into things. I started playing tennis which I loved! I reconnected with an old friend that is now my best friend. I never knew we had so much in common.

On to October. Wow, I had the best 30th surprise birthday party of my life. Never saw it coming. I also went home and surprised my family for a weekend that they had no clue that I was doing.

November started the craziness for the holidays. My in laws showed up for Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving in San Marcos again. I just love that tradition now.

Now to December. This has been the craziest month of all. We had our first Christmas party at our house. My sales guys gave me cash once again this year..WOOO HOOO! We took both dogs home for Christmas this year. We have decided that we need a much bigger car for the 4 of us. The dune buggy(Nissan Rogue)just isn't big enough for road trips.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fatty Fat Fatso...

Well here I am once again complaining about my weight. I feel like I weigh and look like I did before I started not the case but that is what I feel like. I got on the scale last night and about had a breakdown right there. I didn't want to see those numbers but I did. I sent a text message to Ali complaining about it.

I know I can't keep the ironman training for the rest of my life, but things have to change! I can't keep gaining weight. I'm putting my self back on my no bread diet and going to make sure I work out more often without killing myself. I for sure have to get off my ass on Saturday's and Sunday's and do something. Whether I ride my bike or go run, I have to do something.

Ehh...I'm just so frustrated with myself. How did I let this happen?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's COLD in ATX!

So we are at that time of year were it is COLD here and I don't want to work out because of it! But I'm come to the conclusion that I just can't sit around anymore and I have to get my fat butt up and do something or it is going to keep getting fatter.

I wanted to work out on Monday night and well, I forgot my shoes. By the time I got home, it was late, the rain was coming down and I was tired from the weekend and was asleep on the couch at 7pm.

Tuesday night I decided to do a double header. I went to corefit and got my but kicked once again. Then I went to spin class and my legs just didn't want to turn those pedals over. It got a little better but not much.

Today I'm suppose to run in the freakin cold. Don't know how I feel about that but I guess we will give it a go.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 2009 we are at month 12 of 2009! Where has the time gone? Seems like this month is going to be crazy. We have parties after parties and several houses to go to at Christmas. When will the chaos end!

This Christmas we are traveling with both dogs. This is just going to down right hilarious and miserable at the same time. Since both of them seems to keep having medical problems, I just can't subject anyone else to dealing with all the medications and problems.

Once in the Texas Panhandle...we will be either at Motel del Stinnett(yeah, I named it this) or in Guymon with both of them. We can't have them at my parents house as my sisters dog is to aggressive and then Niki in turn will eat her and then Ozzie the Weiner Dog is to scared and will hide the whole time. And they can stay in Guymon only if we are there since there are so many pills they need and well Rex has to sleep with a human. Don't think my inlaws want a dog in bed with them.

What a Christmas this is going to be. It might turn out to be the best Christmas we have ever had or the worst. Who knows. We will have to wait and see.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Wow..what a year up to this point. Training for half ironman's and full ironman's...going on vacation and getting to see old friends. It has been great. I sure do have alot of things to be thankful for. My health, family, dogs, and friends.

My in-laws showed up on Tuesday night where we ventured out to Mandola's. I love that place. We came home and watched TV and went to bed as Thanksgiving Day is always crazy.

We get up and make our dishes for that day and make our way down to San Marcos to spend it with some of our closest friends.

After we ate and visited we came back to Austin so Ali and I could do our post Turkey/Ham ride. Well lets just say we didn't make it very far. We started off and it wasn't to bad. My legs were having a hard time. As we make it to Southwest Parkway Ali is having some problems breathing, but she wants to keep going. So we push ahead and we almost make it to HWY 71. We take a turnaround and head back on SWPKWY. Not a few miles later she ends up having a flat. 4 tubes and 4 co2 cartridges later and about 30 minutes later we are back on our bikes heading to our cars.

We get back to our cars and head home to rest. What a day.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rumors have it....

So word on the street is that there could possibly be an IRONMAN in TEXAS! Just when I said I would never do another one, something like this breaks through the rumor mill. It would probably be held in Galveston on the flattest course known to man. I would totally be in for this one as it would not cost near as much money as the first one I did. I think I could mentally prepare my self for a 2011 Ironman.

What a week...

This week was crazy. With emergency vet visit, another vet visit, two close friends getting lap band surgery on the same day and work just being crazy busy...I'm about ready to put myself in the funny farm.

I took the day off on Friday to clean my sick is that. And I was doing work and cleaning! Hello...I TOOK THE DAY OFF! GET IT DAY OFF!

I finally sent out an email and said I'm out the rest of the day and that was at about 2:30.

I went over to Hillary's and pretty much laid on the bed and vegged out with her. I should have laid there and napped but of course we have the gift of gab.

The rest of the weekend is going to be pretty crazy. I have to FINISH cleaning house since I couldn't get to most of it today, go see New Moon, and take Hillary and Rachael to Christmas Affair.

If it's not one dog its the other...

So about 3 weeks ago, I noticed Rex was kinda hurting if you picked him up wrong. So right away, I rushed him to the vet as any over protect mommy would do. The vet game him some anti-inflammatory and some pain meds and sent us on our way. I asked from shots but he didn't think it was necessary. I swore to him that about 3 years ago(read the records)we were in here for the exact same thing.

So we head home and I do the whole med thing and well...he seemed to be getting better. So I stopped the meds after about a week. The next week he seemed fine and then well week 3 came along. He was kinda not being himself and we just kinda went on about it. I started the meds back up again. We got home on Friday and I noticed he was super uncomfortable. I was going to try and get him out to the vet that day and I just couldn't get away from work. So I begged collin to let me take him to the 24 hour vet and he said, "I'm not paying $85 for them to see him, he can wait until 8am to go to our vet for cheaper." So I had to go along with it. We left for a while came home and went to bed. At about 4:15am he just started screaming like someone had run over him. We rush him to the vet to get muscle spasm medicine. We finally got home at 6:15 am to take a nap and baby him the rest of the day and night.

On Monday, we take him back to our vet to have x-rays run as he was still in bad pain. Even barking was hurting him. The vet gives more meds, x-rays, and steroid shots and we are finally home and feeling like a dog again.

I take him to work on Tuesday and he was fine. Collin was with him Wednesday and Thursday and I was home all day on Friday. But today he started to cry out again when he was barking so we are back on pain meds.

I just want to stay out of the vet for 2 weeks at a time!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Weekend

This last weekend was a crazy weekend for us. Friday night, we went to dinner with some of our best friends to celebrate. We dined at Fogo de Chao. I love that place even though it is expensive. We had a great time with everyone.

Saturday Ali and I were suppose to get up and do the Wurstfest ride to New Braunfels. She called around 6am and said she was up all night coughing. I was kinda glad we didn't ride as I just didn't want to go. I stayed up that morning and cleaned the house and took breakfast to Hillary and the girls. Since we had tickets to Wurstfest we went down there for lunch. I swear the boys ate their weight in sausage.

Saturday night we ended up back out at Hillary's to shop and just hang out with them.

Sunday Ali and I were suppose to ride 50 miles or 3 hours and well, it started to mist and before I knew it, it was raining pretty good. We decided to head to church with Hillary and Jack and make the most of it. At this point, I had cough syrup the night before and I'm still drunk off this stuff. We get to church and I could barely keep my eyes open during the service. I started to cough about 15 minutes before services was up and I had to get up and leave.

We head home and I could barely stay awake. I though heading to the mall and hanging with Hillary and seeing a movie would do the trick and well I slept during the movie. I was in bed by 9:30pm on Sunday night. I was tired.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surprising the Family!

So I went home this last weekend and didn't tell anyone but people here in Austin. It was AWESOME! My family had no clue. I get off the plain and make my way to my Granny's place to get her and take her to lunch. We did lunch and some shopping. From there I started my drive to Panhandle to do a little more shopping and see my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. They were all doing great.

From there I headed to Stinnett and made sure I didn't get there until around 5pm to make sure everyone was in the same place for the big surprise. I went to my Grandma's as everyone was going to probably be there. And they were. The boys were outside and I had to make sure they didn't see me. I went to the front door and rang the doorbell and my sister came to the door. No one ever rings the doorbell at grandma's house so I think they were wondering who was there. She had a hotdog in her mouth and about spit it out everywhere. My aunt was going crazy and my mom kept saying oh you are such a liar. Well my mom finally looked and there her daughter was!

We had a great weekend. Birthday parties...more shopping...spending time with my nephew and cousins...playing the wii and getting my butt beat by a 6 year old. Best time ever.

Bring on CHRISTMAS with these crazy people.

Niki..another seizure

On Thursday October 22nd at about 12:30am Niki had another seizure. Poor thing. Collin and I woke up to her having it once again. We were up for about 20-30 minutes with her before we could get her calmed down and resting again. I had to get up at 4:45 that morning and head to Amarillo to SURPRISE my family! That makes for a short night and a long day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

U2 Concert

OMG! Best concert I have ever seen. I love U2 and have been wanting to see them for a few years now. So my best guy friend David and his wife Kelly have 4 tickets. I snagged them back in April I think.

We leave on Sunday and head up to Dallas. We get there and meet up with an old friend of Collins and head back to the hotel. Monday was boring. I should have just worked that day. But a day off is nice to have. We rush around all day and get ready for the concert. We had to the new cowboys stadium and have to pay $30.00 for parking...are you kidding me!

We get in and Kelly and myself have seat and Collin and David have floor tickets.

Muse comes out and rocked it! They were AMAZING also!

Then U2 comes out and it was just AWESOME!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


After have a great weekend with friends who don't do triathlons, I came to the conclusion that I just don't want to do another Ironman. I don't want to give 6 months of my life to be tried, hungry and beat up. I'm going to stick with Half Ironman's and Sprints. I figure that will keep the weight off and keep my busy.

I'm getting fat...

During Ironman training I couldn't gain weight if I wanted to. Now, I can't take it off. I'm taking all cookies and cake and fried food out of my diet. All breads and pasta's. I'm eating meat and veggies for a few weeks to see if that will help. I'm working out but I guess I'm making poor choices on food.

Ehhh...why can't I stay thin!

My poor Niki...

Yesterday morning, October 6th at 7:15am, Niki had another seizure. This time I caught it and work up my husband to retreat back into the bathroom to not watch anymore of it. After about 45 seconds, I came out and greeted both dogs and she was just a slobbering mess. Collin made her lay there to catch her breath and try to get her bearings or she would get up with not a lot of function in her legs or in her head.

So we get her up and outside and she is just pacing and ready to get some love and possibly play. Crazy girl.

I call the vet and since she had two of them within about 2 weeks of each other, the vet said it was time for meds. So we started her on them. I'm now looking at some holistic meds to give her in conjunction with the meds from the vet.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cutest Dogs Ever!

So I've been thinking of getting some nice pictures of my dogs printed up so I can have them forever! I know strange but I just love my two dogs.

So this weekend I took them outside and took pics of them. They did so good.

Post Birthday Updates...

Thursday, October 1st, was my 30th birthday. We ended up at Hula Hut with some of my closest friends for drinks and dinner. We came home early and that was that.

On Friday October 2nd, I went to work and my best girlfriend Alison called me to do drinks at Maudies at 5pm. So we went there knowing we were to end up at a Brazilian steak house around 7pmish. So we had one drink and headed to the mall as I need a new watch with some bling on it.

So Collin calls me while I'm at the mall and says I have to come home and get him as his car is not starting. No big deal, this has happened before and Alison had to go pick up her boyfriend.

So I head home pull into the driveway and he comes out to say, come inside the house...there is something wrong with the new flooring and I can't believe we signed off on this. So I get out of my and walk in to find the lights are off...I flip on the switch and see rose pedals down the halls and walk in the living room to find candles lite. All of a sudden the kitchen light comes on and all my best friends are there to SURPRISE ME! OMG, I was so surprised and excited. I had no freakin clue. We had BBQ that my husband cooked, along with cake, cookies, vodka, beer and whatever else was out.

It was such a great night!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So I had a bad day...

Wednesday = Quarter End = Sales Guys In Panic Mode = Me Pissed At All Of Them = Me Getting Home Late = My Anxiety Out Of Control = Me Crying!

Well the day started off to be quite. No one was in panic mode and my company had made their numbers for the quarter so what was all the hub bub about. I was expecting to leave at about 4:45pm and make it to corefit and well that all got turned upside down.

I did however get a new gal pal out at lunch time and walk 3 miles of hills. So I did feel good about doing something even if it was only walking. I was out there for someone else and that made me feel better.

So at about 4:30 shit hit the fan. I was suppose to have had everything I need by 2:30pm and well nothing at 4:30pm. I finished off somethings and now it was 5:30pm. I'm all alone in the office and pondering if I should just leave if I don't have it by 6pm. So I hang out feeling guilty about leaving and what do you know...6:15pm rolls around and I have a large order to process. We are talking at least an hour of work if all the money matches. Well being as it never does I knew I was going to be here for a while. Finally I find that people who send their work to me can't operate excel very well and formulas. So that fixed everything. Finally, I get it processed and I get out of work at about 8pm and home by about 8:30pm.

I'm on my way out the door and I have to walk in the dark, by myself to the parking garage. Can you just say SCARY! I'm walking along looking in some windows going hmmm...what if there is a masked man about to jump at the window at me. So I just quit looking. Then I wonder if he is on the other side of the cement wall waiting for me...well I'm still alive...good thing...I get going to the car and I hear a loud car in the bottom garage making its way up and I PANIC! I start running to my car throw all my stuff in and lock the doors and just cry. Can you say basket case!

I start my drive home and just cry. I don't know why I'm not normal and can't control this. I lay awake at night right now, listening for my big dog to have another seizure and now I'm worried about masked men getting me in the dark. FREAK SHOW I KNOW!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CoreFit Fusion

So I've decided to jump on the workout wagon again and start a new thing...CoreFit Fusion. It is a total body workout for an hour that has kicked my butt everytime. I love it! I didn't think I would say that. I have found myself already thinking about going 3 times a week.

Maybe this is the motivation that I need to get my butt going again. I'm still undecieded about what triathlons I'm doing next year. I have an itch to do Vineman to experience something new. I just don't know about another Ironman.

Ok, enough ramblings for a day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

My poor Niki...

My love for my two dogs run far and deep. I tell both of them everyday I think I love them more than life itself. They are what gets me up and going every morning and what puts a smile on my face when I walk in the door everyday.

On Thursday's night 9/24/09, about 1am...Collin and Niki were in the living room. She was sleeping on her pillow and Collin was doing work and watching the football game. Since we just put in new floors both dogs are like a moose on ice and just slide everywhere and have no footing.

It sounded like she was trying to get up. Collin just kept thinking and maybe saying Nik, just get up already. He walked over to the couch and she was having a seizure. He tried to wake her but she was completely out of it. She had bit down on her pillow and her eyes were wide open and her legs were moving like they were running.

He rushed into the room and hollered at me to come and help and all I could do was grab Rex and sit there and cry. She came too, and he rushed her to the vet. I got up after they walked out and cleaned up the mess of pee from the seizure.

They made it home about an hour or so later and she acted like nothing was wrong. I had to take her to the vet on Friday morning for a full blood workup and nothing turned up.

I was a basket case. I didn't think I would react like that but I can't stand to see my dogs in pain and suffer. I hope there won't be a next time and if there is I hope I can handle it a little better.

I've not been sleeping very well the last few nights just worrying that it might happen again.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A week of being sick

It all started on Monday. I my throat was starting to itch and just be tender. So I went to a concert to see Stoney La Rue and Jason Boland and drink some Vodka thinking well, if you can clean with it and it kill things, then maybe it will make my throat feel better...and well, not so much.

Tuesday, I was taking in lots of zinc, airborne, and immune fizz. Trying to fight off whatever was hitting me. I decided what better way to make yourself feel better than to go play some tennis with Hillary. At least we would be laughing for an hour or more.

Wednesday, I woke up and felt like crap. I was having hot flashes and my head was hurting. I went to work and toughed it out and pulled myself together to go run 4 miles with some of my fave gal pals. I felt great during and after the run.

Thursday, I woke up and felt even worse. I didn't sleep at all and my head was killing me and my nose was running. I had to work from home for the first half of the morning so I laid on the couch and slept and worked. Finally got up and got dressed and made my way to lunch and the office. I was there for maybe an hour and left and came home and worked and slept some more. I felt fine at about 6pm so I went and played another round of tennis. By this time the voice was going south.

Friday morning comes, and well, no voice. I felt somewhat ok until my head started hurting. I made my way to work to have people laugh at me and to have my boss and VP tell me they had better not see me at my desk when they come back from lunch. So I came home, laid on my couch worked, and took a nice long nap.

I'm hoping by Saturday my voice is back to normal.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blaze of Glory

For the last month our family has been on their knees praying to our heavenly Father above to heal my cousin James Blaze Coffee. He was in a tragic accident and on Tuesday he went home to be with the Lord.

Today the Heavens were crying as we laid him to rest. We know in our hearts he will be taken care of and will be watching down on each and everyone one of us.

For someone so young he had so much to share and give this world and he did. He was an amazing man from the day he was born and we will never forget him. He touched everyone he ever came into contact with.

We love you Blaze and you will remain in our hearts forever.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So this weekend was a fun weekend. Hillary asked me to play some tennis with her. If anyone knows me, I have no clue what I'm doing at tennis. I just know I can't kill it or it will go over the fence, and I have no backhand skills.
So we ventured over to the country club and we played for about an hour and as the hour went on the better we were.
I checked out a rookie tennis league that is suppose to teach us form and technique. This could be my new addiction.
After doing this and having so much fun, who knows if any more ironman events are in my future. We will have to wait and see how good I get :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Run-Far 8 Mile Time Trials...

This time trial was my 3rd time trial I've done since ever being on a bike. Last year Alison did one with me and I averaged 19 something mph. I went out two weeks ago and did 19.7 mph for 24:21 minutes/seconds. This time around I did 20.2 mph for 23:45 minutes/seconds.

It was a tough day out there. The wind was blowing...and it was 105 degrees out there! I thought for a moment I was going to puke and I just said, you have to keep going. I finished and waited for a Catherine to finish and I thought my legs were going to fall off or I was going to puke or both.

I've improved from last year until now and in two weeks I've dropped my time and improved my MPH! I'm excited and this makes me want to cycle more.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday night run practice - Hard and HOT!

So, I've jumped back on the T3 running wagon again. One, at this point I'm not really training for anything and just can't justify the extra $$$$ to run with the Gazelle's, and well, I just can't get up to do a morning workout and that is when the Gazelle's are running right now.

This is like my 4th Monday night run practice and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. I really need to get my butt up and run on Sunday mornings more and make sure I do a few runs during the week...if I did that, it might a little easier. Probably not, but that is what I want to tell myself.
I'm sure this heat has something to do with it...but man do I feel tired and out of shape!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Adventures of Rex and Niki...

So I kinda had a thought a while back to start blogging about my dogs maybe on a daily to weekly basis or whenever they do something freakin funny or freakin destructive...depends on their mood and the day and if its a full moon I guess...

Since I want them to be adventurous I've given them nick names...

Munchkies(Rex the wonderful weiner dog) and Stinks(my big woolly German Shepherd)

So today my hubby took a pic of them having a hard day on their job...

My randomness....

Back to school means crappy traffic for everyone who lives in Austin right now. Ehhh...hate this time of year.

Still trying to decide on the Austin Triathlon. Just a little to expensive this year from me but I guess I don't have to travel and pay for a hotel room if I do it.

I'm enjoying doing whatever on the weekend right now. I had a great bike ride on Saturday with some of my favorite girls. It was nice to do a nice stroll on our bikes. And Sunday, well, I didn't want to get up and run or swim so I didn't! It was AWESOME!

Still trying to decide if I want to endure another ironman or not. I talked yesterday like I'm already signed up for it mentally and then I get to the thoughts of training for 6 months in this dreadful Texas heat and go HECK NO! I don't want to do that. I'm sure I will sign up for IMAZ 2010.

My favorite little nephew goes to 1st grade today!

He is the perfect age right now and well, the perfect kid if you ask his aunt! Love this little guy more than life it self! He is going to the 1st grade! They grow up so quickly!

Sweet and Twisted Triathlon

Man, I'm behind on blogging so I'm going to try and catch up here since I'm bored at work and I just don't want to read my emails right now :)

I decided back in July that I would do the Sweet and Twisted again even though last year I swore it off as it is kinda a crappy course and I hate trail running. But the Red Licorice Gals are so much fun that I decided what the heck, just go out and have some fun and do whatever with it and enjoy the moment.

The morning was good. Collin had to work that next day so he couldn't go so I was on my own for the first time...kinda scary and nice at the same time. Gave me a chance to collect my thoughts, emotions, and anxiety all on my own.

I show up and we have our own spot! I rack it next to my fave girl Jane Kang and start my morning. I walk around see everyone, get tattooed up with the T3 logo and make my way to the bathroom and then to the start for the swim.

They changed up the course this year and I have to say I like the swim start and exit better this year than last year. I was the second wave to go off. We started and I felt well, like I haven't swam in a over a month and that is exactly what I've been doing...NOT SWIMMING as I have been battling some rotator cuff issues and some out of place ribs.(at least that is what I've been told).

I make it out of the water and up the hill to put on my tennis shoes(400 meter run to the bikes). I get to my bike and throw on my helmet and shoes and sunglasses and take off. For some reason now I have decided that to save time in transition I will not wear socks on the bike and only on the run. Seems like a good plan and I kinda like it as my feet have time to dry in my shoes.

The bike course was fun, always a challenge out there as it is rolling hills will a little bit of recovering but not much. Two loops down and I was done. I decided not to use race wheels which I still wonder why I didn't and just went with it. Oh well, I was only a minute off from last year when I used my race wheels.

Off the bike and on the run. I stopped and hugged Jim Opre on the run and he sent me on my way. The guys from T3 were on the run course cheering me on and it was awesome. I started to walk alot and just said oh well, I'm out here for fun and I don't like trail running, so just get out here and enjoy it.

On the trail I met up with a new girl named Kim. She had a heart condition and had to walk more so we talked and walked and jogged and walked. We were only about a mile or less from the finish when she grabbed my left arm and started to scream and I looked to my right and a deer was heading straight for us at full speed. I crossed in front of us about 2 feet or so and we both screamed and a few women turned around and thought we were freakshows. Kim said, "I thought it was a mountain lion about to eat us". I was about to laugh my butt off at that point.

We get see the finish line and start running and finish together. It was awesome to see her out there and hear her story.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday thoughts....

After taking my dog to the vet and going to see my made me realize that I think after the Sweet and Twisted Tri on Sunday, I'm done for the rest of the season. I kinda wanna take a break and enjoy life for a while. Sleep in, do some casual riding and running and just enjoy it. If we go out on Saturday night I don't want to have to get home to be in bed so I can get up at 6am or earlier to go run.

So I don't think at this point I'm doing Conroe. I think I'm going to sit back, volunteer(cheer) and just enjoy going and working out.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A GREAT weekend!

I had a GREAT weekend! Saturday morning my closets friends wanted to do the NOCC Balance 5k. We made our way to down town, signed up and got on our way to walking our 5k! It was super fun being with them and then heading to breakfast with them.

I came home cleaned my house, took a nap and went out to dinner and to a get together to meet new friends. Kinda nice to meet new people.

Sunday I slept in. Seems to be my trend right now. I love it and missed it for 6 months and didn't think I would ever go back to sleeping past 6am on a Sunday morning. Boy was I wrong, I drug my butt out of bed at 8:45am this morning only because the dogs needed out.

I got dressed and forced my way to town lake trail. I told myself to go for at least a 5 mile loop and then a 3 three mile loop. I was doing well on my 5 mile loop until tummy started to hurt. I only did 5 miles and headed home and walked the dogs and enjoyed my Sunday afternoon.

At this point, I'm still undecided about doing the Conroe Half-Ironman again. I don't have the motivation to want to train unless I just want to do short stuff. Like 30 miles for a Saturday ride and 5 miles for a Sunday run. LOVE IT!

Monday, August 3, 2009 next ironman

I just keep thinking about what I want to do....IMCDA is still open and I wonder if I should go tackle that beast and beat those demons that beat me the morning of June 21st. Plus, who doesn't love CDA and cool weather and training in the winter time!

Then I start thinking, well there is always IMAZ. Flatter course, and warmer weather. But training in the heat of the summer just really doesn't appeal to me as much as I want it to.

IMCDA registration is still open and IMAZ registration hasn't even opened. It just makes me wonder what the heck I should do. I know I want to do another one, but which one.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feeling not so skinny...

Man, I love that fact that I've enjoyed a month of doing what I want to do...whether it be working out because I actually wanted to or sitting my butt on my couch and petting my dogs because I missed them for the last 6 months. But my poor body is screaming, "Shawnda, you are getting chubby again." So for the sake of everyone around me and well from my own well being, I'm getting back on this workout wagon.

I've been having a lack of motivation alot lately. Can't determine the true cause of it, but I need to kick it in the butt.

I'm kinda sure I'm going to do the Conroe Half Ironman again. I need to go back and kick its butt. It almost beat me last year and I was having none of it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back in the Pool...

I decided yesterday that I need to get back on the wagon and workout. So much easier than trying to eat "right". And for me, we know that just won't happen. So I packed my stuff to hit the pool today.

It was a good lunch time swim. Nice to get away from the desk and swim. I love the water and taking a short swim at lunch is just what I needed.

Even though my right arm has been having some issues with a pinched nerve(at least that is what I've been told it is)I felt great but didn't last to long as it was killing me. Oh well, I got in the water and that is all that matters!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Couples Triathlon

Well I went and signed up about a week ago for another triathlon and just wanted to have some fun...and I did! It was a hot steamy day in Austin so I knew I had better back off a little as I would be wanting to kill myself.
Swim: well had a slower swim time than expected..but I haven't swam in like 3-4 weeks. Last swim, morning of Ironman...guess this means I need to get back into the pool.
T1: awesome, had no problems.
Bike: went slower than I imagined but oh well, it was suppose to be fun right? I need to work on this bike thing.
T2: good, no problems.
Run: started out running and walked a little. It was hot. Ran until I got to the big hill and well, who cares, I'm out here for fun so I made it to the top and ran again. Not the best run time I've had but it was on a crappy trail and well, I didn't like that aspect but oh well.
Finish: I have no clue what my time was. And the website cut it off. So it doesn't matter it was all for just some fun.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Last week was a hard week for me emotionally and mentally. My dogs managed to create complete destruction on my house on Wednesday night(and that was our 8 year wedding anniversary). I walked in to about 4 feet of carpet pulled up in the hallway. We had a some bad thunder and lightening roll through that morning and Niki FREAKED out! Saturday night we ventured out to hang with friends and enjoy fireworks and it happened again...but this time in more than one place! Sunday I had a tennis match with the triathlon team and Niki bit a guy! What the heck is going on with this poor dog. I felt so bad for the guy but at least it was more of bruise and not bleeding and punctured.

So we are now tracking down more carpet and getting it replaced before my mom, sister, and grandma show up next week.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not to bad...

Monday came and went without many questions from people at work. Thank GOD! I really didn't want to answer them or relive the dreadful ironman experience all over again.

Tuesday I called around for a Doctor and found one! Hopefully some much needed help is on the way.

Wednesday I met with Chrissie to discuss my triathlon future...and...there is still is one. Don't know exactly what races, but I'll eventually sign up for something and just keep with half ironman training in the mean time until I decide.

Not a bad week.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A rollercoaster...

Here I sit on Sunday evening getting ready to go back to what I used to think was a normal life. As I sit here and think about going to work tomorrow and having to answer all the questions about what happened at ironman, I'm just so not mentally ready to do it...the question is will I ever be? Probably not, but I guess I'm going to have to.

As I try and hide from everyone, yes T3, friends and co-workers, I know that I have to get back in the swing of things and just focus on my next race. I don't know what that race will be all I know is I need to figure out what the heck I'm going to be doing. I hate training just to train, I need a goal.

Hopefully tomorrow what be as bad as I think it is going to be. I'm hoping that I can just get back into the swing of things without much talk about the big day that I failed on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shawnda Freeman - You are NOT an Ironman

I didn't think I would see the day after 6 long months that I would not finish IMCDA. And it happened. I didn't finish. I became the person that I've hated for 29 years. I was a ball of freakin mess that morning of. Throwing up, having a panic attack or two..whatever you want to call it.

I make it to the race site after a few trips of having to return home for a timing chip once, another trip for goggles and swim cap. Stupid me. I make it there and Collin tries to get me as close as he can to the race site. Some nice guy on a 4 wheeler pulls up and give me a ride right to the tents. Bless his soul for that.

I make it there where Dr. Jane and Ali are there waiting on me to help me set up. I get my bike ready drop somethings in my bags and make my way over to the team. There I'm stuffed in my wetsuit by nancy and a few others while I'm crying saying I don't want to do this.

Ali takes my butt to the beach and I freak out. The water is choppy and we have some pretty big rollers. I never freak out in the water and today was my day. I'm on the beach and the shot goes off. I get in the water and believe it or not, I felt better. I got going and the waves kept hitting me in the face and then the motion sickness started. WTF! Can I be anymore of a handful?!?!

I just end my ironman in the water. Make it back to shore. What a loser I am. I shower, eat, and head back to watch all my teammates finish their race.

All in all a few lessons were learned on that given Sunday.
1. I need to seek medical attention for an anxiety problem that me and my family have brushed under the rug for 29 years. And xanax maybe part of the answer but not all.
2. I'm not signing up for another one until this problem is fixed. I didn't go into this race for the right reason.
3. Battle of demons. I had no enjoyment the last month or so for this race. I couldn't stand the sight of training and being around it just irritated me to no end some days.
4. For now, I will do some half ironmans.
5. I'm not going to get caught up in the moment.
6. I for sure want to do another one.

I wish I had a better story like I fell off my bike or a kayak hit me in the head an knocked me out but I don't.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Week 24 of IMCDA! RACE WEEK!

The big dance has arrived. I didn't think I would see the light of day but it has come. Believe it or not, I'm not that nervous. I've talked with alot of people and I've battled my inner demons and had a chat with them and well we've all decided that this is just a day of training that is catered every 10 miles on the bike and every mile on the run. What more could you ask for...and well racing with 60+ of my closest friends! I'm ready. Xanax and all I'm ready!

I did a run this week, I rode my bike today and I did my swim. All in all not bad. The water here in Lake CDA is awesome! I don't have to wear my stupid neoprene cap or ear plugs. WOOO HOOOO! 64 degree water is not that bad.

But the bad thing around here...RAIN and WIND! What the hell? I'm hoping to not be wet on race day. That is all I ask for at this point.

I've managed to destroy a bedroom at the house we are staying at with all my tri gear. I have to get everything arranged tomorrow and back down to Ironman City. I get to turn in everything and just sit back and wait for Sunday morning!

My best friend from San Marcos drove all the way up here with her husband and kids in tow. Our dear friends from Montana showed up for this and the best of all will be Wilma and Georgie coming in for this! If Georgie can battle cancer and survive, I can battle ironman and survive...right?!?!

All, it's late and I'm heading to bed to sleep in tomorrow and have a nice breakfast with our friends up here in beautiful CDA.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Race Week!

Ok, so I have to say I'm a bit nervous and on edge. I just want this race to be here and be over with. I say that and then I think, wait, am I prepared? Did I do enough?

This weekend was so nice. I can't tell you the last time I was able to sleep in on a Sunday morning until 7:30am and be back on the couch at 11:15am laying down taking a nap! It was the best ever. And in the middle of all that, my hubby to me to breakfast! We haven't had breakfast with each other in probably 6 that was a very nice treat.

The weekend was packed full even though I didn't even train. Friday night I had to pack my tri bike transport bag. I think I unpacked it and packed it back up 3-4 times to make sure I could fit everything and had everything. Saturday, I went and watched a little kids swim meet! They are so cute. I left there and went and had my hair cut and colored(can't cross the ironman line with gray split end hair) and went to the outlet mall and bought me another new pair of Oakley's. I have a saying, I may suck it up during the race, but dang it, I want to look good doing it. Sunday, I slept in, washed my car, went to breakfast, laid mulch in the flower beds and hibernated indoors(cleaned and napped).

Here it is Monday and I have some sort of sinus drainage going on(blaming the hubby for this as he had it Saturday and Sunday and has a headache today). I'm hoping that this is all it is and it doesn't get any worse than this.

Friday, June 12, 2009

TriBike Transport Bag...PACKED

I got what I could get into the bag and everything else has to go on the plan.

Here is the finished product!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bib Numbers for IMCDA are in -- #2103 reporting for duty!

So the day finally came where I now have my official bib number to report!


I should have been more creative with my Occupation but all I could do was think about getting through the signing up process without puking!

I was told that you should wear you last name bib number on the bike and your first name on the run because people will be able to pronounce your first name...well probably not in my case. Oh well...I'll still wear it. I'll g by anything at that moment or scream at you to get it right :)

Packing Transition Bags/Special Needs Bag

So I made a trip to Walmart! That's right, the circus of all circuses! I was trying to determine what I might/will need for transition, mile 65 on the bike, and mile 15 on the run.

I spent $90 on a bunch of crap that I probably won't use but it makes me feel better about having in my bags.

A picture to show the process....

Since my OCD on organization kicked in, I bought pill boxes, pills for tummy problems and whatever else you can imagine that could or will go wrong with me on that course! Everything is labeled and in bags just screaming pack me and ship me to IRONMAN!

Week 22 of IMCDA Training - TAPER TIME

I thought I would never see the day or week that we would begin our taper for ironman. It finally happened on June 1st and it was awesome mentally and hard physically! My body has been feeling weird and I mean by weird, that there are bricks tied to every limb when I try to run or bike.

Not much to report on a low week of working out. We only had to put in 10 hours of working out and it was great!

Monday: massage
Tuesday: swim
Wednesday: swim
Thursday: spin
Friday: day off
Saturday: 50 mile bike ride
Sunday: 10 mile run

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swim Practice Surprise

I went to my normal Wednesday swim practice and did my workout and got out. As I'm standing on deck I look over at the "fast as hell" lane and a guy stands up with Olympic rings tattooed on his shoulder...Brendan Hansen(swam on relay with Michael Phelps)was there swimming. All I could do was stare at him when he swam. It was amazing to watch someone like him just glide through the water with such power and ease at the same time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 21 of IMCDA training

Well another week down and only 3 more to go! That's right, 3 weeks and we are crossing that finish line, and I can't wait.

Not much to report other than it was a long week. I came off a hard weekend and my body was telling me rest and I was pushing onward like an insane triathlete does.

I ended up taking all of Tuesday off because I raced on Monday. I went and had dinner with Jane(our very on little mental doctor on the team). I have to say she eased alot of nerves for me.

Wednesday night I did track practice and Gilbert made me do core instead as he said I needed more recovery time. Bernard and I wanted to go have beer but that was shut down by Gilbert. Oh yeah, I swam at lunch...should have rested.

Thursday, Alisa and I did a nice easy ride on S. Mopac and I have to say it was super nice.

Friday was my day off.

Saturday, worst ride of my life. I had race wheels on and was going turtle speed on that bike. My legs were so trashed that no matter how hard I tried, they didn't want to go up another hill or push down another hill. I'm about 2 miles from my car and blow a tire. I fix it and go to put my rear will back on and break my back brakes. So I have to call Collin to come and get me. $100 later, we have new back breaks, new chain, new cassette to tackle those hard hills and a nice tune up for CDA.

Sunday I had to do a 12 mile run with David. David is a fast runner and stayed with me for the first 6 miles and I made him go run is fast pace. I trotted along and met back up and we finished it out. About the last mile or so I pushed him to go on without me and Dionn came to my rescue. She kicked my butt into gear and pushed me to run hard. I was about to puke, but didn't, and finished strong with her!

We had our final IMCDA meeting and man did I about cry. It was tough to watch the video and not cry. Emotions are high right now and nerves are thin for me. I walked away scared and somewhat sure I am going to finish this race. Today, I'M FINISHING IRONMAN!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 20 of IMCDA training...

Well another week down and only like 3 more weeks to GO!!!! I can't believe it. I can't wait to hear Mike Riley say, "Shawnda Freeman, you are an IRONMAN!" I just want someone to make sure I make it to that finish line. I have to hear that! If not, I'm stuck doing this again and I don't think anyone wants that :)

Well it was a long week and weekend but we all made it through it.

The practice man was awesome! I felt great the whole time and the run was great also! I'm hoping I feel like that at ironman at mile 13!

Details for Week 20:
Monday: swim Spin and massage
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: open water swim and run
Thursday: night off
Friday: day off
Saturday: 40 mile ride/13 mile run
Sunday: 20 mile computrainer ride
Monday: CapTex Tri Sprint

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CapTex Tri Race Report

2nd in the Sprint Athena Divison!
Man, did I need this race! I had the best time ever! I raced the Sprint Athena divison and just had a blast with this race. I needed something light and fun before IMCDA rolls around. The morning started off well. I didn't have to get up early...6am is sleeping in these days. I ate some breakfast and called Ali to make sure she was awake. She was and she was off to town lake to do her race also.

Collin and I make our way down there and I get setup. No big deal since the bike was already there. I make my way down to the water and just sit and wait for my group to go off. I hate waiting for anything in life and waiting for a race to start is not much fun either.

Finally, after some chat with a few friends, I'm in the wetsuit and I'm getting ready to go.

I make it down to the dock and see some teammates and get a quick pic with one and we are in the water. Before I know it the gun has sounded and we are off! I'm cruising in the water and loving it. The water was a little cold at first but not to bad.

I make it out of the water after 750meters and I'm headed to the bike. I get the wetsuit off and put on my socks, shoes, helmet and sunglasses and I'm off! I'm just hoping to not crash and end my ironman career this late in the game. The first loop went by quickly..6.25miles goes fast. The second loop seemed faster until I get to a harry turn. So jackass decides to cut the corner from the outside inward and rub his back wheel with my front wheel...what the F*&K dude! You can't do that! I'm yelling and trying to stay up right, and then I make it through that and about take out another woman during it! But we all stayed upright and kept going. I wanted to kick that guy.

I get off the bike and make it to my tennis shoes for the run. I told myself only 3 miles and you are not allowed to walk...ok, I walked but for only like a minute or less total! That is great for me! I walk to much during races and beat myself up in the end about it! I was all smiles on the run! It was so much fun!

I crossed that line and felt great! Best race for me since I've started triathlons!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The things I can't wait to to do...well that is after ironman...

The things I can't wait to do that I've been putting off...

1. Spring clean my house. I need to scrub base boards, dust ceiling fans, maybe do some painting on the walls(alison, you are signed up for painter)

2. Spend some quality time with my dogs. I've only been a part-time mommy to them..poor things...

3. Visit a couple of Texas swimming spots that was featured in Texas Monthly last year.

4. PLAY GOLF! I have never wanted to play a round of 18 so bad in my life.

5. U2 concert in October with David and Kelly and Collin.

6. Maybe a trip to the East coast...NY or Myrtle Beach.

7. Sprint distances only for triathlons maybe and olympic thrown in there and a half-ironman to keep me from being fat.

8. Should be 1. on my list but here it goes SLEEP IN! I can't sleep past 6:30am right now. My weekday's are considered sleeping in...oh how that sucks.

9. Spend time with friends that don't do triathlons(yes, there are those kind of people out there)! Right now if you want to see me you have to come to watch me race or show up at the house by 5pm to eat as I'm starving at that time and leave by 8:30pm as I need to be in bed by 9pm to get up by 5am to ride my bike or run.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there are more things I will add to the list but this is a good start.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 19 of IMCDA Training...

Wow, about a month out and I'm getting excited and nervous. This was our last long weekend of training and I have to say I'm glad it has come and gone. I decided early on in the week to take off Thursday evening and go home and re-do my flower beds...most if not all my poor flower had died. Friday, is always my day off so I went home and napped. It was all I could do to get up and plant a few more things in the flower beds and go to bed.

Saturday morning came 5am early. So I got up and headed to meet the group for a ride I was a little concerned about. No shoulders on this road and I was going to be out in the middle of nowhere. And did I mention...possibly rain starting between 11am-4pm. We get going and I'm feeling good. We make it about 50 miles and the rain is coming down pretty good. We continue on and make it to a major intersection and I decided the roads were unsafe(wheel slide going down a hill)and started to head back to the school with a few others. We made it to Freescale and hooked it to the parking garage and waited on Collin to pick up a few of us. We load up and head back to the school in the pouring rain and unpack and everyone heads home. I went home and slept part of the day and enjoyed it.

Sunday's 5am wake up call was way to early! Collin had to get up to work and well I got up to wake up and head out on a 17 mile run with David. I had planned on running 7 miles before I met him but ended up running like 1 mile. I met David on Town Lake for the fastest 10 miles of my life, probably the slowest 10 miles of his life and knocked it out. It was great...a change of pace and a change of face did me justice! I'm hoping we can continue to run every weekend just so I can have something different to look forward to.

Week 19 Details...
Monday: Spin practice and massage
Tuesday: Spin practice and pt
Wednesday: half of swim at lunch
Thursday: night off
Friday: night off
Saturday: 62 mile ride(was suppose to ride about 120)
Sunday: 17 mile run(made it to 15, my ankle and knee were hurting)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A night off....ahhhhh......

So after listening to my body and my coaches, I decided to take an extra day off this week. And let me say it was great coming home after work and sitting on my couch. I forgot how great it feels. After 3 season of triathlon training you forget how the small, simple things in life are the greatest. I was able to go outside and play with my dogs and catch up on some reality tv that I've been missing.

I'm looking forward to the weekend and riding with the girls on Parmer. I'm hoping for some nice weather and some good conversation on this ride.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week 18 of IMCDA Training

Finally a weekend without wind! It's amazing what that can mentally do for someone while they are doing a 90 mile bike ride. All in all it was a great week for working out. No lows, no super high points just a steady pace with awesome weather...ok, well a little on the hot side, but that happens in Central Texas this time of year!

Week 18 details:
Monday: Spin class and massage
Tuesday: Spin class and at least a 3 mile run with linds
Wednesday: Run with Gilbert
Thursday: Cold water swim and pizza
Friday: open water swim with Coach Pain
Saturday: 90 mile bike ride, did most of this on my own. Rode with Travis for a short time, and met some nice man on 360 while some stupid police officer stopped us mid hill to let traffic go by..who does this. Rode with him to Bee Cave(have to say this is the only thing that kept me going and not quiting) finished the rest on my own. Went through over 150 ounces of water that day...can you say hot and humid!
Sunday: 6:30am run with Linds...did 19 of the 20 miles. I have to say that is good considering I'm still have some serious hip flexor issuse but my calf had no pain! But where I cut my feet on the oysters...well they have come open again and have blisters on them..weird.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nerves are thin and Emotions are high...

I remember people telling me that I would get this way come the end of April first of May during my Ironman training and well here I am. I think certain things will make me choke someone when on any other day or month...well not so much. At this point I need that extra push in my life but I don't want someone nagging me and pushing when I'm having a tough time or something is going wrong with my body. I feel like there are times when I should being doing things on my own just so I don't snap like a crazy woman at someone. So if I'm sitting in the corner at a practice or have my headphones on or my head in a book, probably should just leave me a lone for a few minutes...I can take care of me.

Now to the crying...I haven't cried yet...wait, I cried at Galveston but that was it. I've wanted to cry but I'm saving it all up for race day when I really feel like crap.

I have to say, I'm ready for this Ironman training season to end. I'm signing up for the Cap Tex Tri just to have one last race before CDA. Plus I'm doing the sprint and I'm going to have fun with it. Why not, I haven't had that much fun in a while so now is the time for it to happen.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week 17 of IMCDA Training

Well another week down in the record books for IMCDA training. I'm so happy to be at this point and can't believe that I can actually sit here and say that my first and well probably last ironman is happening next month! That's right, June 21st will mark the day of the big event. I'm ready to have a normal weekend life back.

This has been a crazy week. I haven't been able to get my lunch time coached swim in since the pool has been down. Hopefully this week, I'll make it to at least one coached swim and a long open water swim. I have at least been keeping up with the long open water swims.

Saturday we had a exciting and bad day. We were all signed up to head to Shiner, TX for the 100th anniversary of Shiner Beer. They have a ride every year to Shiner and I was due for 100 mile ride this weekend so why not do a ride that is supported. We got going at 7am with little to no wind that morning. No big deal. I was hoping it would have stayed that way for a while. Well I had hoped very wrong. I'm thinking the wind picked up at about mile 40 something and just got worse...20-30mph head winds all the way to Shiner and crappy chipped sealed roads. I managed to find a few nice guys to draft off of until I either got tired or they got tired on my on their back wheel. Either way it was nice. I made it to Shiner at about 2:30pm and was so happy to be off that stupid bike. We made 3 stops that day and they were awesome!

Week 17 details:
Monday: indoor spin
Tuesday: pt, core, indoor spin and run
Wednesday: 2 mile swim and run
Thursday: indoor spin
Friday: Day off
Saturday: 100 mile bike ride
Sunday: 5 mile run(suppose to be 9 but had a lot of pain in my knee and didn't want to push it to where it was going to just kill me)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 16 of IMCDA Training

Well another week down and only several more to go until June 21st. And let me say, I CAN'T WAIT! I'm excited and anxious at the same time(to the point I need a xanax for it). Of course it was a windy week and weekend. Go figure. This has to be the worst year for ironman training. I'm hoping the day of the race there won't be any wind.

Not much to report on this week but a few more injuries that have come up. Seems that my hip flexor/quad, lower back and right calf seem to be all hurting on the same side. After some time in the doctor and in PT I'm hoping to be back on track. Dr. Sellers has suggested lot of strength training between now and CDA. Maybe it is time for some of Coach Chrissie's(Pain's) core classes on Wednesday morning if I can drag my butt out of bed. I can't have this pain come up at mile 17 on the run in Ironman or I will crumble!

Week 16 details:
Monday: 20 mile run that turned into 16 miles with Karen and Lindsey
Tuesday: One lap in Barton Spring(400 meters) followed by a drink at Chuys...i needed a break:)
Wednesday: 2 mile Open Water swim and I felt great
Thursday: spin class and run
Friday: day off
Saturday: 62 mile bike ride, first meltdown of the back to the car and started crying about not making 75 miles. I was having mental blockage with getting through those stupid 16 mile loops, my back was hurting, I had pressure in the female region and did I mention the WIND was blowing again. So I went back to the car, stretched and cried...I felt better :) I didn't want to ruin Karen's ride with my negative self.
Sunday: 17 mile run

Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 15 of IMCDA training...WINDY

Ok, I'm getting really pissed at the weather this year. The weekdays around Central Texas are super nice, probably little to or no wind, sunny, and warm. The weekend comes and we have rain, thunder, lightening, and WIND! We haven't had one weekend this year in 15 weeks that seems worth a damn! Throw me a freakin bone one weekend on some good weather.

This past weekend we were to ride 90 miles on the bike and run 20 miles. Friday I had some thoughts of doing my 20 mile run after work and I decide to head home for a nap, time with the dogs and dinner with the hubby. Saturday came and I was at the trail at 7:15am to get my run on and the it was raining, lightening and thundering. Why risk my life for a 20 mile run, I need to make it to the start line. By about 11am the storms moved on and it was warm, no WIND and sunny! What the heck, I should have went out for my run or bike. Sunday morning I get up and hear the trees already moving. I go outside and what do you know...WIND! I get my gear together and head out to meet the group for the 90 miles we were to do. We have a tail wind on the way nice. We have to turn around at mile 20 and the WIND was brutal. We make it to San Marcos with a tail wind that was oh so nice. Coach Mo made me hop on his back wheel for some drafting action for about 8 miles and I loved every minute of it. Who knew I could keep up or go that fast. Then it feel apart from there. The WIND was coming straight at us and we just had to push onward.

I get about 12 miles or so from the car and I call Collin to tell him to meet me as I'm done. I was at the grocery store so I had to keep pushing. I make it to the meeting spot and no Collin. Ok, so I keep going. He finds me at a corner with a group of the best gal pals and I told him to go home, I would make it to my car and I did.

I just want decent weather for a few weekends. My bike rides suck right now. I feel like I'm on a treadmill going nowhere fast these days.

Week 15 details:
Monday: open water swim and run
Tuesday: pt and biked outdoors
Wednesday: swim and run
Thursday: bike and short run
Friday: day off
Saturday: day off
Sunday: 90 mile bike ride
Monday: 20 mile run

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 13 and 14 of IMCDA Training

Since I didn't do much these two weeks, I figured I should just lump them together and keep them short.

Week 13 details...
Pretty much did the taper that I love to do. Keep it strong at the beginning of the week and let it work its way down from there. I was fresh and ready to go on the morning of Lonestar Half Ironman. But that quickly went to crap...(see race report).

Week 14 details...
Since I cut my feet on some oysters I spent the week cycling and taking it easy. I didn't run once and my feet thank me very much for that. I ended up taking the whole weekend off also. It felt great to do that. I haven't had that since training has started and mentally I needed that more than anything. I slept in, cleaned the house, worked in the yard and spent time with friends and the hubby. IT WAS GREAT!

Here we are on week 15 and I feel refreshed. I'm back at it and feel great about where I'm at with my training. Before I know it, June 21st will be here and be over with.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hurt Pride

As I think back about everything and look at what I could have done and what I did, I wish I would have just walked the rest of the race to finish and have my pride. My feet feel better today and it just makes me want to get out there and do it all over again and not let it beat me. What is it with this stupid sport? I have to remind myself that I'm out there training for Ironman and to shake it off.

I guess I have to come to grips with the fact that this is the first time that I have quit something that involved sports. I usually finish it out until the end and say I'm never doing that again. As people crossed the line on Sunday, I sat in medical hoping and wishing and thinking well, maybe I get up and just go finish. I have wait, it hurts to even walk right now and what would that even prove.

I guess I have to make sure next time to stay out of the oyster beds and hope that I have a better bike ride.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lonestar Triathlon = DNF(did not finish)

Oh how I was excited to be doing this triathlon. I was ready physically and mentally and wanted to beat my last half ironman time. We arrive on Saturday and had some room complications but soon got our room. Went to packet pick-up and got everything squared away there. We moved into the room and went to dinner shortly after that with Anna. It was nice and low key. We made our way back to the hotel from some college basketball and race day preparation.

I head to bed and take my race day allotted xanax and was out...I woke up at 3:30am and took another to insure more rest and not tummy problems and no nerves on race day morning.

Race morning came and I was out of bed. Tried to fix me some oatmeal and the damn coffee pot for hot water wouldn't work, so Ali helped me out with hers. I got my stuff together and was downstairs at 6:45am.

We get to transition and get setup and I start taking a ton of pics of all the T3ers. Everyone seems in good spirits at this point.

We then all decide to head to the swim start to sit and wait and start putting on the blubber. I get in my wetsuit just fine and go for my practice swim like I always do. I always have to test the water. While in the water, I cut both feet and a finger on some oyster beds. My finger was bleeding and was already throbbing. I find a band-aid from some nice woman and get back in the water to swim my race. I couldn't tell what was happening with my feet as so much sand was on them.

My age group enters the water and there are a few girls that are nervous, some that are saying, I didn't realize it was salt water and some that are just like, lets get this over with. We start and we are all swimming on top of one another. I swam a little off course but that is to be expected. We exit the water and Lindsey is right behind good to see a fellow teammate. We get on the bike and I try and try to gain some speed and my legs just didn't want to turn over. Then the wind was horrible! Head wind all the way out. We make the turn and head back and I'm just not feeling the bike at all. I'm hoping for a tail wind at this point and well that didn't really happen. More of a cross wind and with my race wheel's I was yanked all over the place. I make the final turn back to the start and the head wind is fierce! I was standing still. I just had about 2 miles to go.

Get to transition and get my tennis shoes on and I feel great. My back doesn't hurt, my feet are doing ok at this point and I'm already running! I can't believe it. I've never done that and felt this great. So I make it about a mile and get some water and keep going. I make my first 3.25 mile loop and keep going. I get on my second loop and I'm looking for Medics to help me with my feet. I can't find any and then they find me. They put some glue on them and send me on my way...didn't help. I get going and see Collin and David and just start crying. My feet are killing me so bad from the cuts that I don't know if I can make it. Collin says suck it up and I say F*&% you, you have no clue! Adam from Jack and Adams runs up to me and puts his arm around me and says there is no need to be a hero today, just stop. I keep going and make it to mile 7.5 and find a race official and just take a DNF. David said it was the smartest thing I could do. I didn't need to hurt myself anymore. I make my way to the Med Tent and other T3ers are there. At this point my pride is broken and all I want to do is cry. I've never quit anything I've started.

Logan was there giving his after race pep talk and checking on everyone. Good coach and nice guy. He told me I was smart to quit when I did. So I guess it is confirmed I did the right thing.

I get my feet bandaged up and Collin give me my Crocs and I go get my bike and we load up and head home.

I guess next time I won't do a practice swim and I will only do the aquabike :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 OCD dog...

So for a long time now, we have noticed something "special" with our German Shepherd, Niki. She has a obsession with toys. Mostly balls with sqeakers in them but she always has to have a toy near her or in her mouth. And the OCD part...she will eat her food and have to have the toy in sight. She sometimes drops it in her food bowl and will eat around it or drop it in the other bowl next to her food just so she can keep an eye on it, or make sure Rex doesn't steal it. This morning she just had to get the tennis ball from under the fridge before she could eat. And if she dropped it on the ground and it rolled away from her she would stop and place it within eye sight...and usually this continues until she is just focused on eating or until the ball will just be still. Poor thing..she just can't leave the toys alone.

Monday, March 30, 2009

IMCDA Training Week 12

So the week got off to a rough start. I wasn't feeling well all week. I felt like I could puke at any moment morning, day or night. I managed to get in my workouts and more and just keep on trucking through all of it.

Then the weekend came and so did the wind. Saturday the wind was horrible. Lindsey(best running buddy)and I changed it up and ran on Saturday and decided to bike on Sunday. Let me just say that biking 100 miles on trashed legs is HARD! We did a pretty tough run on Saturday. Lots of freakin hills. Oh well...good training. We made it back to the rock and literally laid down on a bench and wanted to cry.

Sunday came and I'm so not feeling this ride at all. I have to meet a group of girls at about 8am to get this going. I show up and everyone is there feeling about the same as I was. We get going and manage to make it to mile marker 25 and turn around. Before I know it, we just did 50 miles. Half way home at this point. We take off our winter layer and head back out for another 50 miles. Wasn't to bad heading back out as we had a tail wind. We make the turn and the wind just about blew us over. It was gusting at this point! I keep telling myself only 25 miles to go and you are good to go! Before I knew it, I was back at the car and feeling pretty good leg wise and body wise. I hope it feels this way on race day.

All in all the week was a good week with a really long weekend thrown into the mix.

Week 12 details...
Monday: open water swim and spin
Tuesday: PT(core) run in the hood
Wednesday: swim and run
Thursday: outdoor ride and core
Friday: open water swim
Saturday: 20 mile run
Sunday: 100 mile ride