Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 16 of IMCDA Training

Well another week down and only several more to go until June 21st. And let me say, I CAN'T WAIT! I'm excited and anxious at the same time(to the point I need a xanax for it). Of course it was a windy week and weekend. Go figure. This has to be the worst year for ironman training. I'm hoping the day of the race there won't be any wind.

Not much to report on this week but a few more injuries that have come up. Seems that my hip flexor/quad, lower back and right calf seem to be all hurting on the same side. After some time in the doctor and in PT I'm hoping to be back on track. Dr. Sellers has suggested lot of strength training between now and CDA. Maybe it is time for some of Coach Chrissie's(Pain's) core classes on Wednesday morning if I can drag my butt out of bed. I can't have this pain come up at mile 17 on the run in Ironman or I will crumble!

Week 16 details:
Monday: 20 mile run that turned into 16 miles with Karen and Lindsey
Tuesday: One lap in Barton Spring(400 meters) followed by a drink at Chuys...i needed a break:)
Wednesday: 2 mile Open Water swim and I felt great
Thursday: spin class and run
Friday: day off
Saturday: 62 mile bike ride, first meltdown of the back to the car and started crying about not making 75 miles. I was having mental blockage with getting through those stupid 16 mile loops, my back was hurting, I had pressure in the female region and did I mention the WIND was blowing again. So I went back to the car, stretched and cried...I felt better :) I didn't want to ruin Karen's ride with my negative self.
Sunday: 17 mile run

Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 15 of IMCDA training...WINDY

Ok, I'm getting really pissed at the weather this year. The weekdays around Central Texas are super nice, probably little to or no wind, sunny, and warm. The weekend comes and we have rain, thunder, lightening, and WIND! We haven't had one weekend this year in 15 weeks that seems worth a damn! Throw me a freakin bone one weekend on some good weather.

This past weekend we were to ride 90 miles on the bike and run 20 miles. Friday I had some thoughts of doing my 20 mile run after work and I decide to head home for a nap, time with the dogs and dinner with the hubby. Saturday came and I was at the trail at 7:15am to get my run on and the it was raining, lightening and thundering. Why risk my life for a 20 mile run, I need to make it to the start line. By about 11am the storms moved on and it was warm, no WIND and sunny! What the heck, I should have went out for my run or bike. Sunday morning I get up and hear the trees already moving. I go outside and what do you know...WIND! I get my gear together and head out to meet the group for the 90 miles we were to do. We have a tail wind on the way nice. We have to turn around at mile 20 and the WIND was brutal. We make it to San Marcos with a tail wind that was oh so nice. Coach Mo made me hop on his back wheel for some drafting action for about 8 miles and I loved every minute of it. Who knew I could keep up or go that fast. Then it feel apart from there. The WIND was coming straight at us and we just had to push onward.

I get about 12 miles or so from the car and I call Collin to tell him to meet me as I'm done. I was at the grocery store so I had to keep pushing. I make it to the meeting spot and no Collin. Ok, so I keep going. He finds me at a corner with a group of the best gal pals and I told him to go home, I would make it to my car and I did.

I just want decent weather for a few weekends. My bike rides suck right now. I feel like I'm on a treadmill going nowhere fast these days.

Week 15 details:
Monday: open water swim and run
Tuesday: pt and biked outdoors
Wednesday: swim and run
Thursday: bike and short run
Friday: day off
Saturday: day off
Sunday: 90 mile bike ride
Monday: 20 mile run

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 13 and 14 of IMCDA Training

Since I didn't do much these two weeks, I figured I should just lump them together and keep them short.

Week 13 details...
Pretty much did the taper that I love to do. Keep it strong at the beginning of the week and let it work its way down from there. I was fresh and ready to go on the morning of Lonestar Half Ironman. But that quickly went to crap...(see race report).

Week 14 details...
Since I cut my feet on some oysters I spent the week cycling and taking it easy. I didn't run once and my feet thank me very much for that. I ended up taking the whole weekend off also. It felt great to do that. I haven't had that since training has started and mentally I needed that more than anything. I slept in, cleaned the house, worked in the yard and spent time with friends and the hubby. IT WAS GREAT!

Here we are on week 15 and I feel refreshed. I'm back at it and feel great about where I'm at with my training. Before I know it, June 21st will be here and be over with.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hurt Pride

As I think back about everything and look at what I could have done and what I did, I wish I would have just walked the rest of the race to finish and have my pride. My feet feel better today and it just makes me want to get out there and do it all over again and not let it beat me. What is it with this stupid sport? I have to remind myself that I'm out there training for Ironman and to shake it off.

I guess I have to come to grips with the fact that this is the first time that I have quit something that involved sports. I usually finish it out until the end and say I'm never doing that again. As people crossed the line on Sunday, I sat in medical hoping and wishing and thinking well, maybe I get up and just go finish. I have wait, it hurts to even walk right now and what would that even prove.

I guess I have to make sure next time to stay out of the oyster beds and hope that I have a better bike ride.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lonestar Triathlon = DNF(did not finish)

Oh how I was excited to be doing this triathlon. I was ready physically and mentally and wanted to beat my last half ironman time. We arrive on Saturday and had some room complications but soon got our room. Went to packet pick-up and got everything squared away there. We moved into the room and went to dinner shortly after that with Anna. It was nice and low key. We made our way back to the hotel from some college basketball and race day preparation.

I head to bed and take my race day allotted xanax and was out...I woke up at 3:30am and took another to insure more rest and not tummy problems and no nerves on race day morning.

Race morning came and I was out of bed. Tried to fix me some oatmeal and the damn coffee pot for hot water wouldn't work, so Ali helped me out with hers. I got my stuff together and was downstairs at 6:45am.

We get to transition and get setup and I start taking a ton of pics of all the T3ers. Everyone seems in good spirits at this point.

We then all decide to head to the swim start to sit and wait and start putting on the blubber. I get in my wetsuit just fine and go for my practice swim like I always do. I always have to test the water. While in the water, I cut both feet and a finger on some oyster beds. My finger was bleeding and was already throbbing. I find a band-aid from some nice woman and get back in the water to swim my race. I couldn't tell what was happening with my feet as so much sand was on them.

My age group enters the water and there are a few girls that are nervous, some that are saying, I didn't realize it was salt water and some that are just like, lets get this over with. We start and we are all swimming on top of one another. I swam a little off course but that is to be expected. We exit the water and Lindsey is right behind good to see a fellow teammate. We get on the bike and I try and try to gain some speed and my legs just didn't want to turn over. Then the wind was horrible! Head wind all the way out. We make the turn and head back and I'm just not feeling the bike at all. I'm hoping for a tail wind at this point and well that didn't really happen. More of a cross wind and with my race wheel's I was yanked all over the place. I make the final turn back to the start and the head wind is fierce! I was standing still. I just had about 2 miles to go.

Get to transition and get my tennis shoes on and I feel great. My back doesn't hurt, my feet are doing ok at this point and I'm already running! I can't believe it. I've never done that and felt this great. So I make it about a mile and get some water and keep going. I make my first 3.25 mile loop and keep going. I get on my second loop and I'm looking for Medics to help me with my feet. I can't find any and then they find me. They put some glue on them and send me on my way...didn't help. I get going and see Collin and David and just start crying. My feet are killing me so bad from the cuts that I don't know if I can make it. Collin says suck it up and I say F*&% you, you have no clue! Adam from Jack and Adams runs up to me and puts his arm around me and says there is no need to be a hero today, just stop. I keep going and make it to mile 7.5 and find a race official and just take a DNF. David said it was the smartest thing I could do. I didn't need to hurt myself anymore. I make my way to the Med Tent and other T3ers are there. At this point my pride is broken and all I want to do is cry. I've never quit anything I've started.

Logan was there giving his after race pep talk and checking on everyone. Good coach and nice guy. He told me I was smart to quit when I did. So I guess it is confirmed I did the right thing.

I get my feet bandaged up and Collin give me my Crocs and I go get my bike and we load up and head home.

I guess next time I won't do a practice swim and I will only do the aquabike :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 OCD dog...

So for a long time now, we have noticed something "special" with our German Shepherd, Niki. She has a obsession with toys. Mostly balls with sqeakers in them but she always has to have a toy near her or in her mouth. And the OCD part...she will eat her food and have to have the toy in sight. She sometimes drops it in her food bowl and will eat around it or drop it in the other bowl next to her food just so she can keep an eye on it, or make sure Rex doesn't steal it. This morning she just had to get the tennis ball from under the fridge before she could eat. And if she dropped it on the ground and it rolled away from her she would stop and place it within eye sight...and usually this continues until she is just focused on eating or until the ball will just be still. Poor thing..she just can't leave the toys alone.