Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Preparing for the next 6 months of my life

There have been a few of us gal pals that have traded our workout schedule for what we think will get us through the next 6 months of our life...freaks me out just thinking about it. I feel mentally ready to start a new chapter in my life and by that I mean, tackling an IRONMAN!

Over the next six months, I will do a lot of swimming, biking and running in hopes to cross that line and be able to hear my name called out and that announcer tell me, "Shawnda Freeman you are an Ironman!"

Sunday it will be laid out in front of me...that is everything I'm going to have to do to get to the start line to make it to the finish line.

I hope I can stay sane through this whole process, get plenty of rest and be able to spend some time with my hubby in the process.

What have I got myself into?!?!?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thoughts for the day...

Today has been one of those days...or should I say one of those months...maybe a little of both. I had to make my way to the doctor to get cracked and adjusted as I have some sort of pinched nerve in my shoulder. God only knows how that happened. As the day goes on weird things just keep happening. I'm accused of things...people want answers that I can't give...man, will this drive me to drinking or what.

I end up leaving work about an hour late and I ran off and forgot my lap top at work. Now, I have to drive all the way back to work tonight, and get it along with a box for some Christmas gift that needs to be wrapped up.

And to top it all off, I've been in the worst mood today. I don't really feel like talking much to anyone. So I came home and had a shot and a glass of vodka and cranberry in hopes to wash it all away. It probably won't happen but you can drink and hope for the best as I like to think.

And why do people insist on wanting you to admit to things you didn't do! Come on! And the pressure people put out...give it a rest. When I'm done, I'm done...End of story. And why do I have to admit to something I didn't do? Seems logical, right? Maybe not, I have no clue.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Bachelor - Andy Baldwin

So as cheesy as this is going to sound, I'm still going to post it. On Thursday night, Andy Baldwin from one of the seasons on The Bachelor was in town recruiting doctors to come and join the Navy and be a doctor there. Since we have a Navy gal in T3 she was showing him around and brought him into T3 for a workout.
I arrived setup the bike and didn't do much else. I got on the bike early and talked with a few people and guess who is now sitting behind me starring at my back and breathing down my neck...yep, Andy. Poor guy had to look at my big arse in Spandex the whole freakin class.

After class, pizza arrived and everyone mingled with each other. We all were cheesy and had to have pictures made with him. Go figure.

Anyway...in all, he was a really nice guy who is a doctor in the navy, does triathlons and well is super good looking.

My new running experience...Gilberts Gazelles

A few months ago, I wanted to try something different...a new running group to see if there could be someone out there to help just improve my running where I'm more comfortable. I decided against it during my half ironman training as there wasn't much time for anything. So I decided that I could do it in December and January and see what happens and see if I even like it.

I started Monday night with Gilbert's Gazelles. Let me start out by saying the first phone call from Gilbert was awesome. He is funny and super motivating. He invited me to attend his core boot camp and I did. It wasn't bad at all. Then he told me to show up on December 1st to start the first night of running with his group. It was a track workout with some circuit focus. Not to bad, we do this in T3. He is all about form when doing everything and doing it the correct way...what a concept. I then went to run on Wednesday night. We were to do a 1 mile warm up on the trail and then a 2 mile timed tempo run. I was already having cramping problems in my calves so I knew this was not going to be a quality run that I wanted. But I managed to to do a 10:10/mile pace for a total of a 20:20 2 miles. Not bad...i just know that I won't be able to hold that for 13 miles. So about the last 100 meters I see Gilbert waiting for me. He starts walking towards me. He makes me sprint this portion of the run. All I hear is faster, pick up the knees, faster, swing the arms, faster, pick up the knees, swing the arms...ahhh...finally I'm done.

All in all it was a great experience and I'm happy I joined the Gazelle's. He has an incredible story of how he made it the the US and how he became the runner he is today.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Triathlon Future...

During the race I kept telling myself there was no freaking way I was doing another one of these much less an IRONMAN! At mile 12 Alison was there to witness the meltdown and hear me say this again and say, "I will have to walk another 13 miles, are you kidding me?"

I crossed the line and said, "there is no f@#$ing way I'm doing IMCDA" and all the way home I said that.

Monday morning I got up and said there is no f@#$ing way I'm doing IMCDA. Then Collin said, "pain is only temporary." I told him I would slug him if I heard that again as he had no clue.

Tuesday my thoughts were, "I'm not doing it."

Wednesday my thoughts were, "Well maybe I would at least do another half and not let it beat me down as I know what to expect now, and hell, I'm signed up to go do IMCDA so I have to at least train for it and see what happens."

Thursday, I met with Coach Chrissie or as we know her, Coach Pain, and we talked about everything. She encouraged me and we talked about what went wrong and what was the worst part. So I left there with the thoughts of, "I'm doing Galveston half ironman in April, and I'm doing IMCDA."

Friday, I'm doing CDA!

From what I understand this is the normal thought process and I was told to give it at least a week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pics from my first half ironman

Oh the joys of being in blubber! Here I am exiting the swim course!

Here I am on the bike. I saw the camera person
and decided to wave and smile.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Conroe, Half-Ironman

Well here we are. Another one to mark down in the books of things I don't think I ever want to do again. Lets start with how I feel....10 days ago I came down with sinus problems and developed bronchitis, and Thursday night I had food poisoning. What the heck and why am I doing this?

Last night was good. We all had a good dinner and good conversation. Went back to the hotel and started getting all my stuff prepared. The whole time I wasn't one bit nervous about anything. After I was done, I took my Xanax and went to bed...love that pill.

Got up at about 4:45am and ate and rounded up the hubby and headed out. He dropped me off and went back to pick up my mother-in-law who came down for support. I aired the tires up at the car and headed to transition.

I get to transition and set everything up. I saw all the teammates and went on about my way as I needed to get everything all done. I started putting the wetsuit on and grabbed my sweatshirt(it was cold)and headed down to the water.

We get to the water and Alison proceeds to help me get the wet suit all pulled up and zipped. She is really good at that for me. She knows me to well. God bless her for being there for this.

The first wave of men starts. We are ten minutes behind them. We enter the water and burr. It was a little on the chilly side. Thank goodness they give us sometime in the water to get used to it. I see Dionn and Ivonne and say good luck and we are off. I've never swam 1.2 miles before except in a pool doing my routine swim practice so I had no clue what to expect. I get out going and I'm surprised at how comfortable I feel. I kept everything under control and just swam.

I'm nearing the end and I started to feel like I needed to cough...sinus problem from about 10 days ago. So I take a few strokes come up and site and cough and go back down. I'm just thankful that I'm only about 100 meters from the exit. I exit and get to the wetsuit strippers and get the blubber off and I head to transition.

Get in transition and sit down on my bucket and put some sock on and my cycling shoes and a jacket and my helmet and I'm off. I knew it was going to be cold riding through the forest so I decided on the jacket.

I get out of the resort area and not a mile into it, I get a freakin flat. I hit something, it went flying, I started cussing and I'm off the bike. I pull it off the road and proceed to get my stuff out and some nice guy in a BMW stops and asks me if I need help. I said no and then said wait, can you help me? He comes running and changes it for me. Poor guy is getting over a broke arm and trying to change my tire. I proceed to cuss more and then say "pardon my language." He said don't worry I'm an Atheist. I asked him if he was a cyclist and he races Crits and is a Cat 1.

So he sends me on my way. My aqua cell comes out of my bracket on my aero bars but since they are so close together it still won't budge. Good deal. I get going and on this hilly rolling course. Then the wind starts. My God, can it get any worse at this point. Yep...my back starts to hurt. And with the wind and race wheels it just doesn't work out to well.

I finally make it back into transition and sit down on my bucket and put dry socks on. Alison and Mike are both there watching and helping me calm down and wishing me well on my run. I head out on the run...well walk. My back is killing me at this point and I'm just frustrated. I see my hubby and he kisses me and sends me on my way. I try and keep a pace with some girl doing sometime and well I couldn't. The back hurt to bad. So at this point I just want to make it or take a DNF. I couldn't decide. Along the way I laid down in a few driveways and stretched and used a few mailboxes to prop my leg up on and stretch. I'm sure people are thinking I'm nuts at this point.

I get to mile 4 of the run and see Liz. I had a meltdown. I started crying because I was still hurting so badly. She sends me on with great words of wisdom and support. I get to mile 6 I think, and met Jerry. What a great guy. We were all about walking at this point. He has completed a handful of Ironman's and half's so at this point I'm in good hands as he is pushing me to finish and just do what we are doing.

I get to mile 9 and see Maggie and a few others. I told them of more pain and how I wanted to quit and they said "No way, you have to keep going!". So I did along side Jerry.

I get to mile 11 and stop at the bathroom. It hurt to pee! I now have a UTI problem. What else could go wrong, seriously. Jerry is still right there pushing me while I'm having another meltdown.

We get to mile 12 and there is Alison, God Bless her for being the best friend I have and coming out there to push me. I had another meltdown right when I saw her. She is trying to push me to run the last mile and my feet, legs, back and well other parts are just killing me and and I feel like I have to pee and I don't have too! Jerry is still right in front of us making sure I make it.

We round the finish line and I see everyone and I cross. A few fellow T3ers are there to greet me with the hubster, mother-in-law, and Mike. I was so happy to be done and I swear I don't want to do another. Jerry was also at the finish line with a hug for me. What a nice man.

I'm back at home and I'm still hungry. I don't want to be on a bike for at least a week, and I don't want to run for at least 2 weeks.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Week Before My First Half-Ironman!

So we are nearing the end of the training for the half-ironman I signed up for. I have to say I feel good about going into it. About a month ago, I didn't think I would make it off the bike to run. But I got those issues worked out and discovered more issues with the IT Band in the right leg. I'm seeing two drs for the problem that have put me through more pain than before. I have to remind myself that it is a good pain and it will help me get through the long run on this half-ironman.

After all the training I've done, I have to say that I'm not at all nervous or scared just yet. I don't know that I will be. I know that I only have one goal at this point and that is to finish and to finish with grace and comfort! That means, don't fall off the bike at the dismount line(did this at Galveston)and hopefully not have any pain in the lower back or in the leg.

Last Week of Hill Repeats with a fall off the bike to start it...

So last week, I went out to do hill repeats with a few peeps. We get down to the bottom of Lost Creek and get ready to turn around to do our first hill repeat. Well I turned but not all the way and hit the pavement. Man, did I fall. I get up and see that I'm not bleeding, THANK GOD, and then realize that my freaking elbow and arm are killing me. I start to cry and walk my bike to the stop sign. For me, I don't want anyone to see me cry. So I get on my bike and ride and cry some more. I didn't stop crying until about half way up Lost Creek. I tried to go down into areo's and it hurt to bad to do so.

We make it to the top and continue to do more hill repeats. We were scheduled to do 5 and well after 4 I let go of the handle bars and a cramp forms in my left hand from the fall. At that point, I'm done. I waited at the top for everyone to finish.

A few days passed and elbow as a little tender but my upper arm was killing me! I guess I hit harder than I thought. Finally a week later and the pain is gone.

Dang hill repeats are more painful in more ways than one.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Livestrong Challenge

So this weekend I participated in the Livestrong Challenge. I was asked to ride with another woman for her team here in Austin. I said what the heck, I've never done this before and I like what the Lance has done with and for this foundation, so I signed up and raised my money.

I show up that morning and get ready to ride my 10 miles...I only could do 10 miles since I had and Ironman meeting that morning at 10am. So I get to our marker and wait and wait. I finally see the team I'm riding with and take a few pictures before we start.

At this point I'm thinking well I will ride with the team and just enjoy this. But once we got to the start it was already 8:30am and I'm clear out in Dripping Springs. And to top it all off, there are a lot of inexperienced riders and kids on the 10 mile ride. All I can think about is getting it done and hope that a little kid doesn't jump in front of me while I'm cruising at 18 mph while trying to pass them.

So I dropped it in to some harder gears and took off. I just wanted to get done and get on with it. I passed I don't know how many people as they either stopped at the first rest stop or were just enjoying the ride. I make it to the finish line and I think I was the first one to cross as they were all standing around not expecting any one to cross in about 30-35 minutes.

I grabbed my towel and headed to the car. All in all I would totally do this again and do a longer ride. There were a ton of people out supporting the cause on Sunday.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

TV Shows I watch...and why...

So the other night Discovery Channel came back with another great show we like to watch...Storm Chasers! We watched this last season for the first time and loved it. Pretty much they film tornadoes through the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Kinda cool to see our small towns own TV.

While watching this we came across an advertisement for a new series, The Iditarod! I don't know why this fascinates me but for some reason but it does. I think anything in Alaska and on TV I will watch...Deadliest Catch should say it all and Ice Road Truckers! Back to the Iditarod. At first I didn't think I could watch because of something happening to a dog, but man, these dogs love it. There is a woman on there who had breast cancer and has been doing this race for 26 years! She wears all pink and has all her dogs in pink harnesses also. Kinda cool to hear the stories.

So today I got online and researched this race and found out that it is $4000 to enter the toughest race in the world! I don't know that I would pay this to freeze for 1000 miles, risk breaking something, risk my dogs lives, risk my life, and did I mention it was freezing cold!

Anyway...just one more TV show I for see me being addicted to in the future. I have to find out who wins!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday, October 18th Bike Ride

Since I didn't get home until about 1 am and from NKOTB and had to be up at 5:30am I was tired starting this what should have been 70 mile bike ride but ended up to be 50 miles in the end.

My best friend Alison was along for the ride this morning. We started out and it was a little on the chilly side. Oh well...we have to get this done. No waiting. We got all the gear rounded up and headed out.

I lost a water bottle at some railroad tracks and didn't realize it until about 10 miles later. I just wanted it to be there when I went back. They are expensive. And it was there on our way back!

As we made the turn at mile 25 Alison says "that horse over there looked like a bear for a minute." I was laughing and wondered what she had been smoking...not really but just funny to hear on a bike ride.

Then she proceeds to tell me she is counting roadkill today. I think the count end at 10 or more. I didn't count she did. I guess what ever gets you through a ride then you will do it.

All in all for me it was a good ride today. My lower back is not hurting any more and my legs feel great! Now if I can only get the IT band problem fixed, I'm good to go!

New Kids on the Block!

I know, I know. Most of you are shaking your head and asking why would any ever go and see these guys after how many years? I guess when I was about 10 or so they hit it big and every girl was totally in love with them and probalby had every poster, shirt and big button of theirs. They were the first "boy band" I grew up with. They never came close enough for us to go see them and I don't know that my parents would have taken us if they had come close enough.

So Friday night I lived out my childhood dream of seeing the first time ever. And let me say, it was the best chessiest concert ever. Donnie Wahlberg was "bedazzled" on every hat, bet, pants, and shirt he wore. There was more crotch grabbing and video of Donnie Wahlberg grabbing his than with Michael Jackson. Joey is still the cutest and Jordan still tries to hit the high notes and this time, he needs to not try.

They sang every one of their old songs and a few new ones.

I loved every minute of it and would go see them again in another 15-20 years if they decide to come back.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Month 5 of Half-Ironman Training

Here we are again. Another month down and only a few weeks left to go. I'm finally rounding my last week of long rides and runs. Well long rides at least. This last weekend I started my run and got to mile 3 or so and started having bad knee pains. My assumption...IT band problems again but now in the opposite leg. So I came home and iced, used the foam roller, stretched, took some meds and nothing. Monday I swam thinking I could "work" it out or something. Tuesday night I went to spin and talked with PT Vicky. She met with me after class and threw down the pain! OUCH! I am tender to the touch today but I can at least move and walk with no problems. I went to see my chiropractor for more work on it and it hurt like hell. So no running this week says the two Dr's. Fine by me. I just need this fixed by November 9th or its an aquabike for me.

I've worked so hard and logged many hours to get to this point and I really, really don't want to do an aquabike unless I have to. What a disappointment that would be after all I've done.

Month 5 has started off a little rough but I think we can have it back on track in a week or so.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Half Ironman Training - Month 4

My goodness it's been awhile since I blogged about training. I'm on my 4th month of training for my first half ironman and this week was hard on me. My back has been hurting me and I did lunges on Saturday after a spin workout and my legs were screaming at me on my 10 mile run. I was suppose to run 13 and I'm lucky I made it 10 miles. Oh well...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I just need to keep my runs between 10-13 miles and my rides around 50 miles from now until November and I should be good. I need to focus on open water swimming and get some distance swims in. It seems to never end with training.

All in all the last few months have been mentally tough more than anything. I've questioned why I'm putting myself through this and if I really want to do an Ironman bad enough. Then yesterday I watched a video of Ironman Hawaii and listened to Team Hoyt(inspirational father/ son team). It made me almost cry and and I had to remind myself that if this father at I'm assuming almost 60 years old, can pull his son in a raft on a 2.4 mile swim, and push him on a bike and push him in a wheel chair on a 26.2 mile run, then dang it, I can too. Why am I complaining about just having to do it on my own? They are true inspiration to watch.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweet and Twisted...

On Sunday I competed in my first women's only triathlon at Pace Bend Park here in Austin, TX. Let me just say it started out to be a great day. I had my Xanax the night before and was able to get a good breakfast down. I got dressed loaded up the gear and we headed out. No big deal.

We get there and get up to the race site and I go to rack my bike with everyone else and well there are not enough spaces to rack with the rest of T3...hello...we told the race director how many of us that were signed up. Oh well. I went on and just racked my bike on the next row.

We all then head down to the water to watch the race start. Charles and Ester volunteered to take our shoes and flip-flops over to the swim exit since we had to run on some rocks and grass to get to our bikes.

The waves start. Finally my wave gets to go. I positioned myself in the middle of the pack as last time I started in the front I got swam over. So I get going and two hateful girls infront of me are just swimming slow as ever. I keep hitting one of them and she finally sits up and makes a foul comment to me. I said well swim faster. I tried to go wide on either side and they wouldn't let me so I dropped the arm as hard as I could and finally swam over them while slugging them in the process. My gosh...a cat fight in the water.

I get out with muddy feet and head for my tennis shoes. I run up the hill to the bike and get on it. From there it is rocks and dirt with cycling shoes to the mount line. Not fun at all. I was just hoping I wouldn't fall or let go of the bike. I take off on the bike with the new race wheels and I'm off. These women on the bike course didn't know how to ride at all. They stayed right instead of left and they wouldn't pass anyone and would ride next to them the whole time. I had to say a few times "you have to pass or drop back."

Finally the bike is over and I'm at the dismount line. Back on the rocks and dirt. I'm hoping I don't fall. I make it back to my racking spot and put my tennis shoes on. I get going on the run and I'm feeling pretty good. My knee isn't hurting and my legs feel fresh. I make it the first mile without stopping which is a great accomplishment for me as I always walk. I stop to refuel the water bottle and get going. Jane comes up on me and we start chatting and walking. Before we know it we are at mile 2 and we are still walking...oh well, this is all for fun. I come up on the bathroom and we part ways as I had to go. From there I continued and see Karen in her wonderful blue costume and she gives me a little more water to get me to the finish line.

I cross the line and I'm happy! I had a horrible time on the swim...a good bike ride...and fun run/walk. What more could you ask for.

T3 walked away with top finishing placing along with the most participants.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2nd month of Half-Ironman Training

Well I'm officially done with my second month of half-ironman training and I have to say it is getting a little easier as time marches on. I had a come to Jesus meeting with Coach Chrissie last night about my training if I could/would be ready for Ironman CDA and what the heck we are going to do with my horrible running...all in all, we are going to work on the running and worst case, i walk most of the run in an Ironman to cross the line to still be called "Ironman". So I was super pleased to hear that and ease my nerves with everything. Thanks Coach!

My race is November 9th down by Houston and I can't wait. I'm just wondering what my reaction will be when I cross that line after just completing 70.6 miles in one setting.

I have 3 months to polish everything and get stronger and more efficient. Time can only tell if this is going to be the case.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Escape From Alcatraz

Let me just start by saying we had the best weather out in California that we could have ever wished for. Every day was sunny and clear with no fog.

We arrived in Cali on Wednesday and didn't do much except stop at In N Out and get us a burger.

Thursday we headed down to Monterey and saw the sites of Pebble Beach and the 17 mile drive.

Friday it all started to become real. We headed in to San Francisco to pick up my bike and drive the bike course. At this point I have no clue where the heck we are riding and I'm looking at the streets in San Fran just about to die. We pick up Alison and the bike and head out for a drive on the bike course. At this point there is no turning back or quiting nor do I want to. I've trained for the hills and I can handle this.

We get started stopping at about every picture perfect moment snapping pictures and taking it all in. We had the Golden Gate in view most of the bike and when that wasn't in view you had the back side of San Francisco coast and the ocean to look at. Just amazing. We keep driving and driving. We get to the end of the bike course and I'm thinking, wow, this is not going to be all that bad.

Saturday, we did the packet pickup and bought all kinds of gear for this race. We were good little athletes and attended the meeting that they had. From there is was all downhill and we were prepared and ready to get this done. That evening my family made posters for me for the race. I was so happy and excited for this support.

Sunday morning. I set my cell phone to go off at 4:15am, only to forget my phone is still on Texas time and I get up at 2:15am Cali time and start getting dressed. My husband says, go back to bed it is only 2:30am. I'm fully dressed and get back to sleep right away for two more hours. I get up and get my breakfast down and head into San Fran and meet up with the team. The swimmers were already on buses by this point so I didn't get to see Mike before the swim. David and I proceed to to find the marked spot for us. I go to air up my front tire and I did something and ripped the stem on the tube apart and had to change a tire. I get that all over with and we head to the shore to watch the swimmers jump from the boat at Alcatraz Island. We really couldn't see much until they got a little closer. And they were still specs in the water splashing around.

David and I then headed to back into to transition to wait for Mike. He came flying in handed me the chip and I took off. Half way down the chute and my water bottle between my aero bars comes out and I had to stop from the rough patches you have to run through. Oh well, I have to have it. I take about 30 seconds and fix it and I'm off.

The first two miles are pretty easy and everyone is just blowing past me. We get to our first hill and it is like everyone is being pulled backwards. At this point all those people who passed me are now at the hill struggling a little. We make it up it and we take off. There are lots of downhills on the first 9 miles than on the last 9 miles. The roads were really rough in sections but I managed. The ride was amazing and not that hard. The computrainer was much harder and I felt relieved. I make it back not even knowing what time I just did and passed it off to David. He takes off on the run. I figure I have about an hour and he will be back. I watched him cross the line and it was awesome.

All in all I recommend the race to everyone. I will go back after ironman and complete the whole thing. It is a beautiful course and well put together. I loved every minute of it.

Our times...
ATX ESCAPEES(for some reason the announcer could not say our team name when David crossed the finish line.)

Athlete Statistics(Mike Reichow) FYI...Mike was about less than a minute behind the winner of the race in the swim!
Start of Swim:
End of Swim:

Total Swim:

Start of Bike:(Shawnda Freeman)
Midpoint of Bike:
End of Bike:

Total Bike:

Start of Run:(David Babbitt)
Start Sand Ladder:
End Sand Ladder:
Total Sand Ladder:
End of Run:

Total Time: 02:59:29

I will post some pics later in the week.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Post Rookie Update

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary since I had completed my first triathlon. And let me say, I felt I did well this year compared to last year. I was prepared and more confident this year than last year. I managed to beat my time by about 15 minutes from last year! I'm most happy about that overall.

I think this year has to be the year of forgetting my shoes. At Galveston, I forgot my tennis shoes as I was walking to setup and this race I forgot my cycling shoes and discovered it on Friday night. I frantically called all coaches and texted all coaches to see who could let me into the PTC and finally Coach Mo called and said he would bring them with him on Saturday morning. For some reason, I just had a gut feeling that he would forget them. Coach Chrissie then called and said she would just meet me to get them at the PTC so I wouldn't have to depend on Maurice as there is always a chance he would forget them.

The morning began nice a calm...Thank you for XANAX once again. I only use this the night before a race and I must say, I'm a different person than last year. Trust me it is a good thing. I ate some oatmeal and something else, can't remember, and got dressed and gathered everything and we headed out the door.

We get to the race and I head into get body marked by a fellow T3'er. I made my way to setup the bike to find that this year you had to set up based on your age group. Last year, you could just set up shop anywhere. So I get everything set up and water bottles filled up and grab the goggles and swim cap and I was ready.

I stopped for some pics with friends from T3 and made my way to the T3 tent. We talked and took more pics with everyone. I made my way to the water for a warm up swim. The water was very nice. Perfect temperature.

The race started at 8am. All the men take off and then the women start. I'm in the first wave of women and I'm thinking I should get out front and get going as I feel like I can go strong in swim this year. I was so wrong. I was swam over and I think I swam over others also. I made the turn and drank some nasty water and just kept swimming and gaging. I made it out of the water with no major issues at this point except a slow swim time.

I ran to the bike, threw on the socks, shoes, helmet and sunglasses and headed out on the ride. I just wanted to ride fast. I made it threw the bike and dismounted the bike with not falling off this round!

I then put the running shoes on and grabbed my bottle of water and headed out for the run. I just told myself keep the legs moving. I did but not fast. I kept feeling like I was going to throw up the oatmeal I ate that morning. So I finally make it back around and I'm heading for the finish line and I start to sprint the last 75 meters. I cross the line in about 1 hour and 14 minutes and I was not feeling good at all. Some kid took the sweaty timing chip off and I was thinking I've got to get out of the crowd of people as I'm about to throw up. I walked over to some tall grass leaned over and it was coming up but I held back. All I could think about was not letting anyone see my throw up. I sat down drank some water and felt better.

This by far was the best race yet for me. I'm hoping the rest of the season continues down this path of excitement!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Rookie Triathlon

Another day and another week of training. Here I am, just a few days before my next triathlon, The Rookie. Last year this was my first race and I was super nervous and didn't have a clue what to expect that morning. But this year, I'm prepared. I've completed a race already this season and I'm faster and stronger than I was last year at this time.

I'm going into this race with the mindset of having fun and just beating my times from last year. I already have the time portion of the race beat now just having fun will be the next step. I always seem to have the hardest time with this. I go into it way to serious and just need to focus on having a good time and finishing the darn thing.

This race will go as is...
300 meter swim
11.1 mile bike ride
2 mile run

Not bad for a Saturday morning.

I'm sure I will be posting more as time draws near and after the race.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ironman Coeur D' Alene

Looks like I've made the decision to enter my very first IRONMAN! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I will have to endure 2.4 for miles in the water, 112 miles on the bike and 26 miles of running. I've been asked, why do you want to put yourself through that? Well the answer goes as is...WHY NOT! Very few people do this and I want to be one of the ones that crosses that finish line. I want to have a sense of accomplishment knowing that I just completed 140.6 miles in one day.

T3, the triathlon team that I train with here in Austin, TX has made CDA the team Ironman for 2009. They are the best triathlon group to train with for an Ironman. I have seasoned coaches that have several Ironman finishes underneath them. So I have all the tools I need at the touch of my fingertips. All I have to do is put them to work and get to training.

Ironman CDA will be in June of 09 so I have plenty of time to get my mind wrapped around this and start working on my running. That seems to be the worst for me. But with help from others and just putting in more miles each week and month, I will get to the point that I can be somewhat comfortable at this.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Questioning if I should do an Ironman event

The last few days I've had the "ironman itch". I feel like I want to do one for the sense of accomplishment and to be among the few in this world that finished one. But I have the fear of not finishing. The 26 mile run after the 112 mile bike ride just seems painful. I know I could do a run/walk and make it through it but do I want to put myself through that? If I do any Ironman event it will probably be in Coeur D' Alene, ID. We have lots of friends up there and we are about due to head up that way to see everyone and everything. I have a few months before registration to think about this. I've also need to complete a half ironman before I do a full one.

I just don't know that I want to sell my soul to the devil for about 6-7 months to train hard. I like having my weekends to myself if I want to do something different other than ride a bike and run.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pictures from Lonestar Triathlon

Here are a few pics from the triathlon that I completed on March 30th in Galveston.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Lonestar Triathlon

Here I am...the day after the race and I feel like a clubbed seal. I'll get to that later.

First off, the morning started off great as I had a great night of sleep and I was actually able to eat that morning with no anxiety problems...THANK YOU XANAX. So I had all my stuff ready to go and walked out the door at 6:30am. At this point I thought I had everything and was ready to get body marked and setup transition. Well, I get over to transition and I didn't have my tennis shoes(need those to run with as the crocs I had on wouldn't quit work), so I had to call Collin. I called and he came running with them just in time.

So now it is about 7:30 and the race is about to begin. I'm at the starting dock of the race watching everyone and standing with my fellow teammates. No big deal at this point since I don't take off until 8:55am.

I told Collin to be there at 8:15am to take our shoes and meet us at the finish line 3 hours later. What a great husband I have.

So I put on the tighest wetsuit ever and get in for a warm-up. Let me just say that water is so nasty and taste terrible that I thought just for a moment, there was no way I could do this. I calmed down and told myself, you have to, you didn't come this far not to. So I get out, spit alot and make my way to the dock. At this point I'm scarred and there is no turning back. I went to go see my run coach Logan who is announcing the race start and get last minute advice and I head down the dock. We have to jump about 5 feet into the water and and then swim out a ways for the start. No big deal until you see people being dragged in by the jet skies after not being able to finish.

So we are off...I'm swimming on top of girls and getting swam over also...finally I either break away from a cluster or they break away from me. I settled into the stroke and just swam. 22 minutes later and I'm out of the water and peeling the wetsuit off...I stopped two girls and they stripped it off me and I ran to the bike and off on the bike I went. I'm just thinking at this point ride fast and gain as much time as you can with these race wheels. And I did.. 18mph on the bike and 1 hour and 30 minutes later I'm at the dismount line....

I hear a woman say slow down and I did, I clipped out with one foot and hit the brake with one hand and I clamped down with the other hand and I went flying over the handle bars and face first into the pavement. I got up quickly and went to get the tennis shoes. I bruised my chin and my shoulders and back but I will live. I took off on the run and see Collin...I start crying as I'm hurting from falling and my ankle is killing me...he has no clue that I just flew off my bike...I tell him and he says, "Your ok, keep running!" So I did...

The run was awful. I walked to much and the water tasted like dirt at the water stations.

All in all it was a fun race and I'm pleased with my swim and bike times. The run, well I will have to do lots of work on that.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Race Week!

Here it is, my first race week of the triathlon season. I have to say, I'm a little nervous for this tri. It is a longer distance and I have a salt water swim. The salt water swim just scares me to death. Pretty much I know that if you drink the water I will puke....I just didn't need someone to reaffirm that to me yesterday. Thanks Coach Mo!

I've set some goals for the race so I'm hoping to either match or beat the goals I've set. And if not, well then there is always another race.

This week will be a easy week but a nerve racking one at the same time. With the training hours coming down and the packing that needs to be done, I'm hoping I can handle everything at work and home this week and mange the nerves at the same time.

I'm sure I will post some pics sometime next week and will have a full report on the craziness that will happen.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Michael Buble

I finally got to go see Michael Buble! I have to say, if you don't know who he is or you haven't heard him sing live, do it! He is amazing. He is a great entertainer, is great to look at and listen to all at the same time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let the Triathlon Season Begin!

My first triathlon of the year will happen on March 30th in Galveston, TX! I'm super excited not only to head to a place that I've never been but to do a longer race and see how I do. I've trained long and hard these winter months to pick up my speed on the bike and in the swim. But the running is a different story. I HATE to run and now I'm signed up for a race that has me running 6.2 miles! What am I thinking! Oh well, it'll be an experience I may never want to do again.

The training up to this point has been not to bad. I think the biggest struggle would be riding up those hills on a bike. I'm getting stronger everytime I do a freakin' hill here in Austin! God knows we have lots of them and they are steep around here.

Until next time......

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pen Pals - Shawnda and Leslie

After 18 years of being pen pals from the 2nd grade I finally made it to NY to meet Leslie's family. She has been to Texas to meet my family and experience the great Texas BBQ and Mexican food so now it was time for us to head North.
We did our share of site seeing in NYC and shopping and eating some of the best Italian food ever. But best of all we me spent time with her and her wonderful family. I felt like I've known them all my life. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget.
This picture is was taken in front of Teddy Roosevelt's home in Oyster Bay, NY.
I have now made the vow to make it to NY or plan a vacation with her family every two years! I have to say, I would have never thought that I would have had a pen pal for so long and managed to stay in touch for so many years.

Rex and Niki

Just wanted to make sure I posted Rex and Niki on my blog page! They are the love of my life an I cherish every moment I can with them. Even when they are being a pain I still have to give them a pat on the head and a belly rub and tell them I love them. Aren't they cute!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon

How it all began...

I signed up about a month ago thinking, wow, this could be easy. I don't have to swim! But then came the leg problems. I've been battling IT band issues for about 3 weeks now. It seems to be getting better.

The morning of the race it was so cold here in Austin. It is somewhere in the 30's that morning. BRRRR!!!!!! I get to the race site and get setup for the race. I've never ran or road on this course before so I'm thinking it can't be that hard. I've trained for hard. THANKS COACH PAIN!

We start the race. The first quarter of a mile is on payment and the next 2.5 miles is trail. I'm not talking nicely crushed gravel trail, I'm talking, washed out with mulch chunks thrown down! Horrible! I'm just thinking make it through it without killing yourself. I stumbled a few times and rolled the ankle. By this point, I'm pissed!

Now comes the bike portion. The bike ride was a little breezing and cold but nothing I couldn't handle. The worst of it all, my toes were frozen solid. So when I got off the bike to go back out on the worst run course ever, I could barely get going without it being super painful. Oh let me back up...As I'm heading out to run...A guy says to me, "You going to take your helmet off?" So I had to run back to my bike and take the helmet off. From there I was just running/walking at this moment to get the feet and toes warmed up to run. Then, my right foot starts hurting. I'm thinking great, my foot problems are back all over again. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have the worst foot problems for a young person. And to top it all off, no port-a-bathrooms anywhere in site. So I have to pee...I've had to pee since I started the race...Never fails with me. The next best thing, a tree. I was just hoping no guy came around the corner while I was peeing. I finally make it through the freaking race. Cold and pissed but I finished.

I do have to say my only motivation for this race and finishing was the announcer for the race...my run coach...Logan! He made sure to point me out every time I came through transition! I'm just glad he didn't see me finish. I didn't finish last but I didn't want to be called out either!

I have to say I think a triathlon might be easier than a Duathlon as you only have to run once and usually it is on a paved course.