Monday, March 31, 2008

Lonestar Triathlon

Here I am...the day after the race and I feel like a clubbed seal. I'll get to that later.

First off, the morning started off great as I had a great night of sleep and I was actually able to eat that morning with no anxiety problems...THANK YOU XANAX. So I had all my stuff ready to go and walked out the door at 6:30am. At this point I thought I had everything and was ready to get body marked and setup transition. Well, I get over to transition and I didn't have my tennis shoes(need those to run with as the crocs I had on wouldn't quit work), so I had to call Collin. I called and he came running with them just in time.

So now it is about 7:30 and the race is about to begin. I'm at the starting dock of the race watching everyone and standing with my fellow teammates. No big deal at this point since I don't take off until 8:55am.

I told Collin to be there at 8:15am to take our shoes and meet us at the finish line 3 hours later. What a great husband I have.

So I put on the tighest wetsuit ever and get in for a warm-up. Let me just say that water is so nasty and taste terrible that I thought just for a moment, there was no way I could do this. I calmed down and told myself, you have to, you didn't come this far not to. So I get out, spit alot and make my way to the dock. At this point I'm scarred and there is no turning back. I went to go see my run coach Logan who is announcing the race start and get last minute advice and I head down the dock. We have to jump about 5 feet into the water and and then swim out a ways for the start. No big deal until you see people being dragged in by the jet skies after not being able to finish.

So we are off...I'm swimming on top of girls and getting swam over also...finally I either break away from a cluster or they break away from me. I settled into the stroke and just swam. 22 minutes later and I'm out of the water and peeling the wetsuit off...I stopped two girls and they stripped it off me and I ran to the bike and off on the bike I went. I'm just thinking at this point ride fast and gain as much time as you can with these race wheels. And I did.. 18mph on the bike and 1 hour and 30 minutes later I'm at the dismount line....

I hear a woman say slow down and I did, I clipped out with one foot and hit the brake with one hand and I clamped down with the other hand and I went flying over the handle bars and face first into the pavement. I got up quickly and went to get the tennis shoes. I bruised my chin and my shoulders and back but I will live. I took off on the run and see Collin...I start crying as I'm hurting from falling and my ankle is killing me...he has no clue that I just flew off my bike...I tell him and he says, "Your ok, keep running!" So I did...

The run was awful. I walked to much and the water tasted like dirt at the water stations.

All in all it was a fun race and I'm pleased with my swim and bike times. The run, well I will have to do lots of work on that.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Race Week!

Here it is, my first race week of the triathlon season. I have to say, I'm a little nervous for this tri. It is a longer distance and I have a salt water swim. The salt water swim just scares me to death. Pretty much I know that if you drink the water I will puke....I just didn't need someone to reaffirm that to me yesterday. Thanks Coach Mo!

I've set some goals for the race so I'm hoping to either match or beat the goals I've set. And if not, well then there is always another race.

This week will be a easy week but a nerve racking one at the same time. With the training hours coming down and the packing that needs to be done, I'm hoping I can handle everything at work and home this week and mange the nerves at the same time.

I'm sure I will post some pics sometime next week and will have a full report on the craziness that will happen.