Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Wow..what a year up to this point. Training for half ironman's and full ironman's...going on vacation and getting to see old friends. It has been great. I sure do have alot of things to be thankful for. My health, family, dogs, and friends.

My in-laws showed up on Tuesday night where we ventured out to Mandola's. I love that place. We came home and watched TV and went to bed as Thanksgiving Day is always crazy.

We get up and make our dishes for that day and make our way down to San Marcos to spend it with some of our closest friends.

After we ate and visited we came back to Austin so Ali and I could do our post Turkey/Ham ride. Well lets just say we didn't make it very far. We started off and it wasn't to bad. My legs were having a hard time. As we make it to Southwest Parkway Ali is having some problems breathing, but she wants to keep going. So we push ahead and we almost make it to HWY 71. We take a turnaround and head back on SWPKWY. Not a few miles later she ends up having a flat. 4 tubes and 4 co2 cartridges later and about 30 minutes later we are back on our bikes heading to our cars.

We get back to our cars and head home to rest. What a day.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rumors have it....

So word on the street is that there could possibly be an IRONMAN in TEXAS! Just when I said I would never do another one, something like this breaks through the rumor mill. It would probably be held in Galveston on the flattest course known to man. I would totally be in for this one as it would not cost near as much money as the first one I did. I think I could mentally prepare my self for a 2011 Ironman.

What a week...

This week was crazy. With emergency vet visit, another vet visit, two close friends getting lap band surgery on the same day and work just being crazy busy...I'm about ready to put myself in the funny farm.

I took the day off on Friday to clean my sick is that. And I was doing work and cleaning! Hello...I TOOK THE DAY OFF! GET IT DAY OFF!

I finally sent out an email and said I'm out the rest of the day and that was at about 2:30.

I went over to Hillary's and pretty much laid on the bed and vegged out with her. I should have laid there and napped but of course we have the gift of gab.

The rest of the weekend is going to be pretty crazy. I have to FINISH cleaning house since I couldn't get to most of it today, go see New Moon, and take Hillary and Rachael to Christmas Affair.

If it's not one dog its the other...

So about 3 weeks ago, I noticed Rex was kinda hurting if you picked him up wrong. So right away, I rushed him to the vet as any over protect mommy would do. The vet game him some anti-inflammatory and some pain meds and sent us on our way. I asked from shots but he didn't think it was necessary. I swore to him that about 3 years ago(read the records)we were in here for the exact same thing.

So we head home and I do the whole med thing and well...he seemed to be getting better. So I stopped the meds after about a week. The next week he seemed fine and then well week 3 came along. He was kinda not being himself and we just kinda went on about it. I started the meds back up again. We got home on Friday and I noticed he was super uncomfortable. I was going to try and get him out to the vet that day and I just couldn't get away from work. So I begged collin to let me take him to the 24 hour vet and he said, "I'm not paying $85 for them to see him, he can wait until 8am to go to our vet for cheaper." So I had to go along with it. We left for a while came home and went to bed. At about 4:15am he just started screaming like someone had run over him. We rush him to the vet to get muscle spasm medicine. We finally got home at 6:15 am to take a nap and baby him the rest of the day and night.

On Monday, we take him back to our vet to have x-rays run as he was still in bad pain. Even barking was hurting him. The vet gives more meds, x-rays, and steroid shots and we are finally home and feeling like a dog again.

I take him to work on Tuesday and he was fine. Collin was with him Wednesday and Thursday and I was home all day on Friday. But today he started to cry out again when he was barking so we are back on pain meds.

I just want to stay out of the vet for 2 weeks at a time!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Weekend

This last weekend was a crazy weekend for us. Friday night, we went to dinner with some of our best friends to celebrate. We dined at Fogo de Chao. I love that place even though it is expensive. We had a great time with everyone.

Saturday Ali and I were suppose to get up and do the Wurstfest ride to New Braunfels. She called around 6am and said she was up all night coughing. I was kinda glad we didn't ride as I just didn't want to go. I stayed up that morning and cleaned the house and took breakfast to Hillary and the girls. Since we had tickets to Wurstfest we went down there for lunch. I swear the boys ate their weight in sausage.

Saturday night we ended up back out at Hillary's to shop and just hang out with them.

Sunday Ali and I were suppose to ride 50 miles or 3 hours and well, it started to mist and before I knew it, it was raining pretty good. We decided to head to church with Hillary and Jack and make the most of it. At this point, I had cough syrup the night before and I'm still drunk off this stuff. We get to church and I could barely keep my eyes open during the service. I started to cough about 15 minutes before services was up and I had to get up and leave.

We head home and I could barely stay awake. I though heading to the mall and hanging with Hillary and seeing a movie would do the trick and well I slept during the movie. I was in bed by 9:30pm on Sunday night. I was tired.