Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LoneStar Sprint Triathlon

Wow, what a weekend. Thursday night, my pen pal Leslie came into town for a bachelorette weekend with other friends. We were able to spend some time together which was great. Friday we dropped her off downtown and we headed to Galveston.

We get down there and of course the wind is blowing. Go figure. I have yet to be down there and it not blow it's butt off. Friday night I went to bed to wake up sweating at about 2am. The electricity had gone out. They were having 75mph winds that night. So 5am came early and quickly after that point.

I get up get dressed, eat and we make our way down to the race site. I set up my transition and meet up with Collin and we make our way down to the swim start. I did my warm up swim and get out and think well, it's only 500 meters I have to swim in this rough water, I can do this.

We wait around and it starts raining a little. Then the wind just gets worse and wave are rolling in now in the bay. They delay the start 15 minutes. Before I know it they cancel the swim and we all head back to transition to get on our bikes to do a bike and a run.

At this point, I'm mentally over this race. I pack up all my gear and hand it to Collin and get my bike and head out and make it back to the motel.

I came in FIRST...first one back to the hotel from the race I think as I just bailed. I didn't want to ride in the wind with those rookies and have my race wheels and the wind yank me all over the road.

So there it is. The no race race report.