Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quarry Lake...BURRR!!!!!

So a few of us T3ers decided that since Barton Springs was closed that we would all head to Quarry Lake and do our open water swim for the week. I was all for it. I was thinking how bad could this be. I forgot to remind myself that I hate ice baths and don't do them because it so cold.

So we get to the dock and get our wetsuits on. I swear, I've only wore the wetsuit twice and I have another tear in it! What the heck! It is new. So I put on my neoprene cap and just jump in. I come up screaming like a freak show thinking I can't do this. I do some doggie paddling and some breast stroking in the water and try to get use to it.

At this point, I still have yet to put my face down. I finally go for it and I swear by face hurt so bad. I come up fighting and cussing. I put it down again and just fight through it. I make it about 200 meters or so before I feel like it is not that bad now.

I make it back to the dock after 750 meters. Alisa and I decide to do another loop. I get going and get to the clear back side of the loop and start to get dizzy. What the heck is going on. I can't get my bearings and I've lost sight of the buoys and the dock. I just start swimming and figure it out and make my way around to the dock again. More people went for a third loop but I think I was good with 2. I did some 100 meter swims and called it good when the group arrived.

My conclusion: I need more of the cold water so I don't freak out at CDA.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm exhausted!

As I get closer to my "peek" weeks in training the more tired I am. I'm considering taking today off just so I can let my body rest before another long weekend of training. Coach Pain seems to think that I should do this on my longest weeks so I'm going to try it out and see how I feel. I always take Friday's off to begin with but she suggested another day during the week for me.

This training is a part-time job. I have no time for anything but eating, sleeping and training. And it probably doesn't help that I'm waking up about 5 times a night right now. So maybe I up the sleep aids and hope to stay asleep all night to let my poor body rest!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Flight is booked for IMCDA!

I've got the flights booked to IMCDA, FINALLY! I've been holding out in hopes that I would find something cheap for us that wouldn't break the freakin bank. At one point only a few weeks ago, Frontier had the exact same tickets for $1200! I just bought them for $240, a lot cheaper! And we are staying with friends during this adventure, so that makes it even better for us! Who said Ironman had to be expensive!

Week 7 of Ironman Training

Finally we are done with week 7! It was a tough week for me. I was tired, I think I forgot my towel and socks on Monday. Friday, I forgot my laptop at home and Collin had to bring it to me and God knows what else happened. I think I forgot to pack my lunch one day! Not a good week.

And the weekend was even worse! We are having the best week day weather and the weekends are TERRIBLE! Saturday we were to do 70 miles out east and north of town. The ride is a really nice ride when the wind isn't blowing and it isn't raining. And what do you know, it rained, it was cold, and the wind blew its butt off! This makes for a very unhappy triathlete!

Monday: spin
Tuesday: Physical Therapy(core), run class, and open water swim after run
Wednesday: Run class
Thursday: Physical Therapy(core), spin class and swim
Friday: day off
Saturday: 70 mile bike ride that was cut off at 43 miles. We were suppose to do a 40 minute brick and well that just didn't happen.
Sunday: 15 mile run and I didn't have a break down and I did over half of it on my own! I may just enjoy running even more and more some days!

Week 6 of Ironman Training

Well I've been lazy and forgetful about updating my week to week updates I like to do on my blog. But I'm going to try and get an update on Week 6 in here just so it can go down in the record books.

This is the first week I started my open water swims. I have to say I don't like doing them but oh well, it is a part of the program.

Monday: open water swim and Spin class
Tuesday: started physical Therapy and run class
Wednesday: pool swim and run
Thursday: Physical Therapy(core) and spin class
Friday: day off
Saturday: 60 mile hilly bike ride
Sunday: 13 mile run

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 5 of IMCDA Training

So here we are with a new month and another week down in the books for IMCDA training. It wasn't a bad week except I seemed to be super exhausted and my back killed me every day of the week!

Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Run and Core
Wednesday: Swim, Run and Core
Thursday: Spin
Friday: Day off
Saturday: 40 mile (windy as hell) bike ride
Sunday: 10 mile run that finally felt great!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 4 of IMCDA Training

Well, I've completed my first month of Ironman training...and let me say, by far, this was the hardest weekend, mentally and physically for me. BACK PROBLEMS would make for the hard weekend.

Monday: swim and run and core
Tuesday: spin and core
Wednesday: yoga and run
Thursday: spin
Friday: day off
Saturday: 50 mile bike ride/30 minute brick
Sunday: 14 mile run...should have been 15 miles but who is counting.

I almost had my first meltdown of the season...can't do that, it is too freakin early. I have to save it all up for Galveston and CDA.