Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweet and Twisted...

On Sunday I competed in my first women's only triathlon at Pace Bend Park here in Austin, TX. Let me just say it started out to be a great day. I had my Xanax the night before and was able to get a good breakfast down. I got dressed loaded up the gear and we headed out. No big deal.

We get there and get up to the race site and I go to rack my bike with everyone else and well there are not enough spaces to rack with the rest of T3...hello...we told the race director how many of us that were signed up. Oh well. I went on and just racked my bike on the next row.

We all then head down to the water to watch the race start. Charles and Ester volunteered to take our shoes and flip-flops over to the swim exit since we had to run on some rocks and grass to get to our bikes.

The waves start. Finally my wave gets to go. I positioned myself in the middle of the pack as last time I started in the front I got swam over. So I get going and two hateful girls infront of me are just swimming slow as ever. I keep hitting one of them and she finally sits up and makes a foul comment to me. I said well swim faster. I tried to go wide on either side and they wouldn't let me so I dropped the arm as hard as I could and finally swam over them while slugging them in the process. My gosh...a cat fight in the water.

I get out with muddy feet and head for my tennis shoes. I run up the hill to the bike and get on it. From there it is rocks and dirt with cycling shoes to the mount line. Not fun at all. I was just hoping I wouldn't fall or let go of the bike. I take off on the bike with the new race wheels and I'm off. These women on the bike course didn't know how to ride at all. They stayed right instead of left and they wouldn't pass anyone and would ride next to them the whole time. I had to say a few times "you have to pass or drop back."

Finally the bike is over and I'm at the dismount line. Back on the rocks and dirt. I'm hoping I don't fall. I make it back to my racking spot and put my tennis shoes on. I get going on the run and I'm feeling pretty good. My knee isn't hurting and my legs feel fresh. I make it the first mile without stopping which is a great accomplishment for me as I always walk. I stop to refuel the water bottle and get going. Jane comes up on me and we start chatting and walking. Before we know it we are at mile 2 and we are still walking...oh well, this is all for fun. I come up on the bathroom and we part ways as I had to go. From there I continued and see Karen in her wonderful blue costume and she gives me a little more water to get me to the finish line.

I cross the line and I'm happy! I had a horrible time on the swim...a good bike ride...and fun run/walk. What more could you ask for.

T3 walked away with top finishing placing along with the most participants.