Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pen Pals - Shawnda and Leslie

After 18 years of being pen pals from the 2nd grade I finally made it to NY to meet Leslie's family. She has been to Texas to meet my family and experience the great Texas BBQ and Mexican food so now it was time for us to head North.
We did our share of site seeing in NYC and shopping and eating some of the best Italian food ever. But best of all we me spent time with her and her wonderful family. I felt like I've known them all my life. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget.
This picture is was taken in front of Teddy Roosevelt's home in Oyster Bay, NY.
I have now made the vow to make it to NY or plan a vacation with her family every two years! I have to say, I would have never thought that I would have had a pen pal for so long and managed to stay in touch for so many years.

Rex and Niki

Just wanted to make sure I posted Rex and Niki on my blog page! They are the love of my life an I cherish every moment I can with them. Even when they are being a pain I still have to give them a pat on the head and a belly rub and tell them I love them. Aren't they cute!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon

How it all began...

I signed up about a month ago thinking, wow, this could be easy. I don't have to swim! But then came the leg problems. I've been battling IT band issues for about 3 weeks now. It seems to be getting better.

The morning of the race it was so cold here in Austin. It is somewhere in the 30's that morning. BRRRR!!!!!! I get to the race site and get setup for the race. I've never ran or road on this course before so I'm thinking it can't be that hard. I've trained for hard. THANKS COACH PAIN!

We start the race. The first quarter of a mile is on payment and the next 2.5 miles is trail. I'm not talking nicely crushed gravel trail, I'm talking, washed out with mulch chunks thrown down! Horrible! I'm just thinking make it through it without killing yourself. I stumbled a few times and rolled the ankle. By this point, I'm pissed!

Now comes the bike portion. The bike ride was a little breezing and cold but nothing I couldn't handle. The worst of it all, my toes were frozen solid. So when I got off the bike to go back out on the worst run course ever, I could barely get going without it being super painful. Oh let me back up...As I'm heading out to run...A guy says to me, "You going to take your helmet off?" So I had to run back to my bike and take the helmet off. From there I was just running/walking at this moment to get the feet and toes warmed up to run. Then, my right foot starts hurting. I'm thinking great, my foot problems are back all over again. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have the worst foot problems for a young person. And to top it all off, no port-a-bathrooms anywhere in site. So I have to pee...I've had to pee since I started the race...Never fails with me. The next best thing, a tree. I was just hoping no guy came around the corner while I was peeing. I finally make it through the freaking race. Cold and pissed but I finished.

I do have to say my only motivation for this race and finishing was the announcer for the run coach...Logan! He made sure to point me out every time I came through transition! I'm just glad he didn't see me finish. I didn't finish last but I didn't want to be called out either!

I have to say I think a triathlon might be easier than a Duathlon as you only have to run once and usually it is on a paved course.