Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just happenings...

So I don't get alot of things going on right now. Maybe I'm not suppose to. Maybe it is my time to sit back, shut up and just lay low and that is what I'm doing now.

Seems there are some hawk eyes watching my facebook these days. If people actually believe anything on there is true for one minute, then you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. So I've started cleaning house on facebook, really setting privacy settings and deleting those hawk eyes that are bothering me so much. I do facebook for fun and once the fun is taken out of it, well I'm done with it.

I'm trying to get back to the fun things in life. Trying out new fitness classes. Trying to get back in better shape and just lose some pounds. As much as it is killing me, it is good for me.

Ok, here is to hoping and praying that other things in my life start improving and things start moving in a more positive direction.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No desire...at least right now

I just have no desire to do a triathlon. Over the last month I've said I would enter Galveston Half Ironman and as the new year rolls around and I have to face getting on the bike and doing spin class in the evenings, I'm really not liking it all that much.

I kinda feel that I'm almost done with triathlons. I want to ride my bike, but I want to do it outdoors and the weather right now is not allowing me to do that.

If I do a tri, I just want to to keep it short and simple. I want to have something to train for but nothing long.

I really enjoy my life right now of going home and doing P90x or running a few miles in the hood and that is about it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lets see what 2011 will bring.....

Wow...2010 was a was a great year. Of course, just like everything else it had its ups and downs, but overall it was a great year. Collin and I made new friends, caught up with old friends, found out that we love "camping" on the Frio and that I don't have to train for a triathlon or be a part of a group do exercise all the time.

So now that 2011 has started I'm going to see if I can better a few things in my life. I need to eat better a few times a week. I'm always complaining about my weight...well I need to drink less vodka and eat less burgers and fries and eat more fruits and veggies. This mean that Collin and I will have to cook more at home. But I'm going to make an attempt at this a few times a week and on the weekends.

Encourage Collin more to workout. He complains just like I do about weight, being out of shape and whatever else, so I'm going to start encouraging him to workout out with me. Doing the workouts together will also help both of us.

I've already signed up for a few events just so I will somewhat train. I'm doing the Tough Mudder on January 29th. 10 miles, 16 obstacles, I think I can manage this. On February 20th I'm doing a half marathon. Even if I have to walk part of it, I'm doing it. It is about having fun and doing my first half marathon that isn't tied to a swim and a bike before hand. On April 10th I'm saying I'm doing Herman Memorial Half Ironman. I haven't signed up, don't know why maybe I'm trying to fight that inner demon that says why do this when you don't have to and fighting the other one saying go ahead you will already be trained for the running portion.

I'm hoping we will get to make it to San Francisco in May for Bay to Breakers. With the way gas prices and airline tickets are going up, who knows if we will be able to.

For now, these are just some of the things that I have in mind for 2011. I'm not making them a resolution, goals, or whatever they are suppose to be, but something I'm just hoping I can do and if not, well I did my best and I have to forget the rest.