Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surprising the Family!

So I went home this last weekend and didn't tell anyone but people here in Austin. It was AWESOME! My family had no clue. I get off the plain and make my way to my Granny's place to get her and take her to lunch. We did lunch and some shopping. From there I started my drive to Panhandle to do a little more shopping and see my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. They were all doing great.

From there I headed to Stinnett and made sure I didn't get there until around 5pm to make sure everyone was in the same place for the big surprise. I went to my Grandma's as everyone was going to probably be there. And they were. The boys were outside and I had to make sure they didn't see me. I went to the front door and rang the doorbell and my sister came to the door. No one ever rings the doorbell at grandma's house so I think they were wondering who was there. She had a hotdog in her mouth and about spit it out everywhere. My aunt was going crazy and my mom kept saying oh you are such a liar. Well my mom finally looked and there her daughter was!

We had a great weekend. Birthday parties...more shopping...spending time with my nephew and cousins...playing the wii and getting my butt beat by a 6 year old. Best time ever.

Bring on CHRISTMAS with these crazy people.

Niki..another seizure

On Thursday October 22nd at about 12:30am Niki had another seizure. Poor thing. Collin and I woke up to her having it once again. We were up for about 20-30 minutes with her before we could get her calmed down and resting again. I had to get up at 4:45 that morning and head to Amarillo to SURPRISE my family! That makes for a short night and a long day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

U2 Concert

OMG! Best concert I have ever seen. I love U2 and have been wanting to see them for a few years now. So my best guy friend David and his wife Kelly have 4 tickets. I snagged them back in April I think.

We leave on Sunday and head up to Dallas. We get there and meet up with an old friend of Collins and head back to the hotel. Monday was boring. I should have just worked that day. But a day off is nice to have. We rush around all day and get ready for the concert. We had to the new cowboys stadium and have to pay $30.00 for parking...are you kidding me!

We get in and Kelly and myself have seat and Collin and David have floor tickets.

Muse comes out and rocked it! They were AMAZING also!

Then U2 comes out and it was just AWESOME!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


After have a great weekend with friends who don't do triathlons, I came to the conclusion that I just don't want to do another Ironman. I don't want to give 6 months of my life to be tried, hungry and beat up. I'm going to stick with Half Ironman's and Sprints. I figure that will keep the weight off and keep my busy.

I'm getting fat...

During Ironman training I couldn't gain weight if I wanted to. Now, I can't take it off. I'm taking all cookies and cake and fried food out of my diet. All breads and pasta's. I'm eating meat and veggies for a few weeks to see if that will help. I'm working out but I guess I'm making poor choices on food.

Ehhh...why can't I stay thin!

My poor Niki...

Yesterday morning, October 6th at 7:15am, Niki had another seizure. This time I caught it and work up my husband to retreat back into the bathroom to not watch anymore of it. After about 45 seconds, I came out and greeted both dogs and she was just a slobbering mess. Collin made her lay there to catch her breath and try to get her bearings or she would get up with not a lot of function in her legs or in her head.

So we get her up and outside and she is just pacing and ready to get some love and possibly play. Crazy girl.

I call the vet and since she had two of them within about 2 weeks of each other, the vet said it was time for meds. So we started her on them. I'm now looking at some holistic meds to give her in conjunction with the meds from the vet.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cutest Dogs Ever!

So I've been thinking of getting some nice pictures of my dogs printed up so I can have them forever! I know strange but I just love my two dogs.

So this weekend I took them outside and took pics of them. They did so good.

Post Birthday Updates...

Thursday, October 1st, was my 30th birthday. We ended up at Hula Hut with some of my closest friends for drinks and dinner. We came home early and that was that.

On Friday October 2nd, I went to work and my best girlfriend Alison called me to do drinks at Maudies at 5pm. So we went there knowing we were to end up at a Brazilian steak house around 7pmish. So we had one drink and headed to the mall as I need a new watch with some bling on it.

So Collin calls me while I'm at the mall and says I have to come home and get him as his car is not starting. No big deal, this has happened before and Alison had to go pick up her boyfriend.

So I head home pull into the driveway and he comes out to say, come inside the house...there is something wrong with the new flooring and I can't believe we signed off on this. So I get out of my and walk in to find the lights are off...I flip on the switch and see rose pedals down the halls and walk in the living room to find candles lite. All of a sudden the kitchen light comes on and all my best friends are there to SURPRISE ME! OMG, I was so surprised and excited. I had no freakin clue. We had BBQ that my husband cooked, along with cake, cookies, vodka, beer and whatever else was out.

It was such a great night!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So I had a bad day...

Wednesday = Quarter End = Sales Guys In Panic Mode = Me Pissed At All Of Them = Me Getting Home Late = My Anxiety Out Of Control = Me Crying!

Well the day started off to be quite. No one was in panic mode and my company had made their numbers for the quarter so what was all the hub bub about. I was expecting to leave at about 4:45pm and make it to corefit and well that all got turned upside down.

I did however get a new gal pal out at lunch time and walk 3 miles of hills. So I did feel good about doing something even if it was only walking. I was out there for someone else and that made me feel better.

So at about 4:30 shit hit the fan. I was suppose to have had everything I need by 2:30pm and well nothing at 4:30pm. I finished off somethings and now it was 5:30pm. I'm all alone in the office and pondering if I should just leave if I don't have it by 6pm. So I hang out feeling guilty about leaving and what do you know...6:15pm rolls around and I have a large order to process. We are talking at least an hour of work if all the money matches. Well being as it never does I knew I was going to be here for a while. Finally I find that people who send their work to me can't operate excel very well and formulas. So that fixed everything. Finally, I get it processed and I get out of work at about 8pm and home by about 8:30pm.

I'm on my way out the door and I have to walk in the dark, by myself to the parking garage. Can you just say SCARY! I'm walking along looking in some windows going hmmm...what if there is a masked man about to jump at the window at me. So I just quit looking. Then I wonder if he is on the other side of the cement wall waiting for me...well I'm still alive...good thing...I get going to the car and I hear a loud car in the bottom garage making its way up and I PANIC! I start running to my car throw all my stuff in and lock the doors and just cry. Can you say basket case!

I start my drive home and just cry. I don't know why I'm not normal and can't control this. I lay awake at night right now, listening for my big dog to have another seizure and now I'm worried about masked men getting me in the dark. FREAK SHOW I KNOW!