Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

OMG! This has to be some the best winter Olympics I've watched. I'm a huge sports fan to begin with but give me some downhill skiing and some speed skating and I can be entertained for hours and wishing that my parents would have pushed me harder as a child and lived somewhere that had lots of snow for me to train for something like that. But since that didn't happen, I will sit back on my couch and cheer on the US Teams!

From the start, Apolo Ohno and JR Celski rocked the speed skating to win sliver and bronze. Shani Davis rocked the long track to take the gold. Lindsey Vonn was lighting fast on the downhill to take the gold and Julie Mancuso with the silver. Bode Miller took charge in the men's downhill to win the bronze and Shaun White, well he is the rock of the Olympics! You can't even come close to snowboarding against this guy. He tears it up every time he straps that snowboard to his feet. The women snowboarders showed they are strong also and walked away with sliver and bronze last night.

I can't seem to get enough of the Olympics. I wish they came around every year.
The US is standing strong with a medal count of 18 as of this morning. Congrats to TEAM USA!

Craziness in ATX!

So about 10am yesterday, a small single engine plane flew into a building here in North Austin. Of course these days, our first thought are well, and act of terrorism and someone wanting to do this intentionally. Well, we are all right. Some loon from Austin, decided to be pissed off at the IRS and fly his plane into a building. Why can't people just kill themselves without involving others? Really, we are still trying to fly planes into buildings for being angry? Those people in those buildings didn't do anything to you. How about you take responsibility for your actions? Try that for starters and suck it up and put your big girl panties on and just deal with it. I don't feel that anyone other than myself and God has the right to choose how and when I die. Call me crazy, but I prefer to leave that up to the big guy in the sky for that.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More tooth drama

So for the past 2 weeks, I've still been having headaches. WTF? Will it ever go away? So I call the oral surgeon and asked if this was normal. Well I guess not, as they wanted me to come back in. They determined there wasn't any infection. So they needed/wanted to take some x-rays to see what was going on. It looked like there still might be a small portion of my tooth that was in there. So they reopened the sockets and went to scrapping on my jaw bone and pulled something small out. Really, you didn't get it all out the first time? So they packed me for dry sockets and I was on my way.

Thursday I decided to work from home to make sure I could take my pain meds. Thank goodness I did. I was so sick. I was fighting off a cold or something and had some antibiotics for it. I took one and was sicker than a dog. My back and lower body was just in horrible pain. I took more pain meds and slept the day away.

Friday was a little better. And the weekend was ok. Monday night brought on some throbbing. Glad I still have my pain meds to take.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New outlook...

After sitting around and thinking about what I was doing a year ago, I have to say I'm very thankful that I'm not training for an Ironman. This weather right now, is terrible for Ironman training. I said that last year for about 18 weeks of non-stop wind and cold and well I was out there every weekend putting in the miles.

This year, I have a new outlook. I'm training for shorter races. My quality of life just means so much to me right now. I've missed out on my family, dogs, friends and God knows what else. I'm keeping it short. I will probably not be happy with my times that I will post but I'm bound and determined to have some fun this year.

I've started a new boot camp here at work with a gal pal, Mallory. She is kicking my butt every Tuesday and Thursday but I have to say I'm having fun and it is the best workout I've ever had. Regardless what anyone tells me, this is has to be the best strength building workout I've done to date. Mallory is great at was she does.

I'm looking forward to this season of triathlons. I feel like I'm blowing my wad all in May, but oh well. It'll be worth it.