Friday, March 4, 2011

My Dearest Niki

As I write this blog today it has been a little over a week since my dearest sweetest Niki has passed. She was the light of my life and I loved her more than life itself. She was there to greet me everyday when I came home from work and was there every morning before I even woke up. She was my best friend and has been there for me when no others could.

She lost her battle with seizures. We helped her with these as much as we could and she finally couldn't fight it anymore. They got the best of her and they did alot of damage. The brain damage was so bad that she wasn't herself anymore. She couldn't see or walk. Poor Rex wanted her so badly to see him she just couldn't. I cried that Tuesday and Wednesday. I was not ready to let her go. But just as I wasn't ready to let go she was ready to let go of the battle she had fought for so long.

She was the best thing that had ever happened to us. She made the house fill full when it was empty and gave Rex the best friend he never had.

Funny story about her, we got her because Collin really wanted her and wanted a big dog and was hell bent on have a shepherd. I just went along with it and was like ok, hopefully she won't eat my baby Rex. We rescued her from people who didn't love her. We have her shelter, food and love. And wouldn't you know, she became my dog! She was mine and we laugh about it to this day. I was the one who showed her what real love was when there wasn't anyone around.

She has been laid to rest and is now rest in the living room watching over us and protecting us. Collin swears he heard someone creepy around the other night at 2:30am but I really think it was niki wondering around making sure we were ok and protecting us. I know that sounds crazy but I really think she is. I do find comfort knowing she is at home with me now and knowing that one day we will all meet again at the rainbow bridge. I hope she is healthy and running free and making new friends in heaven.

Here's to you Niki, the best dog that has ever entered our lives! We love and miss you and will never forget you miss beautiful!