Monday, November 8, 2010


Well what can I say. I haven't been on here in a while. I haven't really had much to blog about these days. Kinda crazy for me.

Well since July, I really haven't accomplished much. I've manged to pick up shooting a shot gun which I LOVE! I love trap and skeet shooting. I have my own gun and I have all the gear to look the part I'm just not that great. Better than the boys I go with but hey, that's a woman with a gun for you. We are just better :)

I've managed to go camping at Garner State Park twice. And when I say camping, I mean, staying in a full air conditioned cabin with full kitchen and bath rooms and beds. So I'm not roughing it.

We have started hanging out with some of the best people ever. Cliff and Jessica mean the world to us and I'm very grateful for their friends.

After much though over the last month and watching everyone finish Ironman Florida, Arizona and Kona, I'm committed to signing up for another half ironman in Galveston! That's right, and actual official MDOT sanctioned race! I've completed two halves before just not the official ironman backing it. So it will be fun to do. It isn't until the end of April, so I have lots of time.

I've also committed to running the Austin Half Marathon. I figure what the heck, I can do 13 miles in my sleep, ok I used to could do 13 miles in my sleep. But I think it won't be much of a problem. I'm just out there to complete it and have a good time.

As for everything else, I'm getting ready to put of the Christmas Tree (pictures to come), help with Christmas Affair in Austin with Hillary, travel to Tempe, Arizona for IMAZ, do the Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving, enjoy lots of food with the in-laws, shop, go to Christmas parties, travel home for the holidays, camping at Garner State Park for the New Year, travel to New York for my first ever Jewish Wedding for my dear penpal, Austin Half Marathon, Hermann Memorial Half Ironman, Bay to Breakers in Cali.

WOOWWWZZZZAAAAA...that is alot to do in the next 6-7 months but hey, it will keep me on my toes and hopefully help me lose my weight and get to enjoy some of the best friends in my entire life.